Continue with dental work?

I put this in the bilateral group discussion too, so sorry if you are seeing this twice! I was diagnosed with atypical TN in early April after extensive dental work...root canals and extractions of my incisors where the pain comes down. Implants were placed and I'm at the point where the crowns could be placed on there. My pain mimics tooth pain. I do get some relief putting topical lotions on the place where the tooth should be. Has anyone been through this and had the crowns put on? Does it cause increased pain afterward? Thanks so much in advance. Mary

Hi Mary,

My pain doctor told me to only have dental work (even cleanings) done when I am already in a flare. Any work in the mouth can bring on an attack. Just his advice, but if you are deep in a flare, I would just see it through…however, if you are having a bit of a remission, I would wait. Hope this helps and best of luck to you!


How’s does one have a cleaning with type 2 constant pain?

I was told to research the dentists well, ask if they have experience dealing with patients suffering with TN…AND, most importantly, only have a cleaning if I am already in pain, hope that helps :).

I am in pain 24/7. Was so bad today do to stressful event. Crying all day so my checks were in pain. The cleaning I had 2 yrs ago set this off. My worst pain is in my gums. I guess someday I will have no teeth.

Aw, Lauren, I am so sorry…I believe mine was caused by dental work, too. Last time I had a cleaning, and a bit of work done, I just thought, ‘okay, well, the plus side is they will numb me’…if you are already in such pain, I would go for it. You know it can’t get worse…but, having gum disease and bad teeth on top of it can make it worse, in the long run. Have the docs not found anything to give you any relief?

Your right don’t want gum disease or teeth loss. Thank god they new it was not my teeth. My dentist new right away it was a neuralgia.

What a blessing!