Constant severe headache

hello, can anyone tell me if trigeminal neuralgia gives one a constant severe headache please? I have that and the gabapentin and the prochiorperazine plus the co codamol do nothing to reduce it. I have now been given betahistine which is for menieres disease which can cause stomach problems and I don't feel I want to try them because I cannot see how they will help me. the gp seems reluctant to send me to see a consultant and just keeps dishing out pills that don't help. I know they have to go down the medicine route first but I not too happy about the suck it and see route. I don't know what is causing this headache., so was wondering if someone on here has it has well as the face pain. thankyou

Yes, for me the TN triggers insane migraines. I take topamax to try and prevent them from starting but Imatrex when the migraine first hits. I take amytriptalyne for TN as well as lyrica. Than a slew of medication for my stomach which could be related to the medications, who knows.

I am sorry to hear how crappy you feel! Will your headache go away with migraine medication? I get bad headaches with my facial pain too but usually the right combination of meds will get me through until the gabapentin increases and kicks in. I would refer to my headaches as cluster headaches. But now more recently left side temple head aches. And I know how you feel - I sucks to wait and see if the medicine works! Blah! If you haven’t tried a migraine med, it’s worth a shot.

I get frequent headaches - migraine quality but sometimes without the aura - that feel like something got shoved directly through my upper teeth and into my eyeball. They are intense. I do take amitryptiline and I've read that would help them. Not sure if I agree, but if they were any worse I'm not sure how I'd handle it at maybe the amitryptiline helps? HOWEVER, I used to have migraines at least monthly...that amazingly quit after I had children...then started back up when all this ATN baloney got started.

The pain doctor I'm seeing says a lot of migraines are confused with a headache that is caused by neck damage from whiplash or similar. There's some fancy name for it.

I've had ATN for more than 2 years and he's the first to mention the neck. I had an MRI of the upper neck where it meets the skull and he scheduled a 3d CT and fancy xray after seeing the MRI.

I've had 3 MRI's of the brain and they were mostly normal. I had an MVD in april but the pain returned. I'm hoping he finds something on the 3d ct or xrays.

He also said damage from falling, like whiplash, can cause pain at a future date, not necessarily right after, and it can cause ATN.

Hi Veganised. I am so sorry you are experiencing TN and a constant severe headache. I hate to say it, but I have been there too. On two "occasions" I have suffered from a headache for a year straight. The first time I didn't have a great doctor and I don't know why it finally went away. The second time I got it I think that getting on Topamax is what finally really killed it. For me, this chronic headache is called a chronic migraine. The symptoms are not exactly the same as an acute migraine. In fact you can get the acute ones during chronic migraines. It is terrible nonetheless. I have had to adjust the dose of my topamax, and I occasionally get acute migraines but I use naratriptan for it (in the family of imitrex and maxalt). Topamax was a little difficult to adjust to, but it really changed my life for the better! Now if only I could find something for my TN...