Constant pain :/

I dont know what to do any more usually my TN only acts up between November & December…here it is March and the pain has been pretty non stop… im on gabapentin, amatripline, and tegrotol…i cant get in to see my neurologist till april i was doing so well that she stopped me going in every 6months and bumped it up to a year… im scared to add another med to my collection but i can no longer handle this…i feel bad for my husband and kids…and to top it off im working constantly with customers…when the obly thing i want to crawl into a dark black whole…any advice would help…and yes i have been to the ER

Hi Janice. Sorry you are having trouble. I work in sales and have a family so I know how exhausting it can all be. Winters are terrible for me too and I am looking forward to spring and hoping for less pain. Sometimes I feel like I know triggers and sometimes it just does whatever it well wants too. Maybe an increase in meds would help instead? Depending on your dosages. Sometimes I just tough it out these days. I have been up and down on my med and the meds suck as much as the pain sometimes. I hope u get a break from your pain soon. Jane