Coming here is like being with a friend during severe pain

Can't get anyone's attention in the chatroom and there are 8 people there, but oh well, just being here is a comfort for me at times like this. My pain eased up for 2 days, but then I didn't get any sleep for 36+ hours and that makes it almost impossible for me to bear the pain.

oh gosh, I rarely/almost never cry from pain, but I am a mess right now. Just trying every solution I know of on top of my meds and praying my heart out. Any prayers appreciated. Then I start crying knowing how many people suffer like this all the time without medicines that help, and without compassionate doctors. This pain is INSANE! Worse than a baby, gall stone and kidney stone all at once.

Praying for everyone with this life thief!!


(not using my usual "hang in there" signature tonight. Not hanging in there.)

Sheila hang in there . . . this too will pass. I am very sorry to hear you had some very bad days. Please try whatever you can to get some rest so you will be in a better position to get through this. Take a very warm shower even if you have to sit to take it, no caffine or other stimulants. I will send more prayers your way. I feel for you and wish I was there to provide distractions and support. I bet if I kicked you in the leg your other pain would feel better since the brain has problems registering new pain while dealing with current pain, see me a good friend :)

Big hug,


Thank you Tracy ((HUGS)) and Vicky ((Hugs)) . Those are all very good hints! There was a discussion started about Alternatives to pharmaceuticals, I was writing down all the little things that help me so I could add it there, and those things that you two just mentioned would be really great suggestions there. I know just what pillow you mean and I have it Vicky. I do have my favorite flannel pillowcase, etc. and I didn't even think of mentioning it, but every little bit helps some! Would you both consider adding those suggestions here: Tracy that comment about being distracted by another pain is so true. My fibro and lupus pain are nothing compared to this, and since Feb 27 when this endless flare started, I don't even think about those pains, just the TN. Vicky it's so nice to be in touch with someone from "home". I got a letter from a moderator saying that my message to you was rude and that I need to delete it, but she must have done it for me before I even got a chance to, because when I look for it now, I can't see it. I would have liked to save the rest of that message I sent you, but would just erase the first sentence that said it's ok if you didn't want to accept my friend request. I thought I was saying that it's fine if you'd rather not be friends with me, because I'll just leave a comment on your page again, but now I see that you have accepted my friend request, so thankyou for that. When a person is in this much pain, they can barely think of their own name, so I didn't mean to be rude at all. I guess I should not be typing when I'm hurting so much, but that's when I need contact the most. Forgive me for that comment if it was rude, and forgive this bold font. It won't turn off for me. Thank you for your prayers. MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Will be praying for you two as well.




I would write more if I weren't headed for Lvl 7 myself, just popped in a day late and dollar short and need my meds, but I could not let your post lie here without commenting.

Please know that you are in my prayers . . .keep up informed as to your condition.

More later. Big hugs!


Thanks Stef. (((Hugs))) to all my soul mates hereā€¦ Sisterhood Society of Suffering Sisters. lol. Yes guys hurt too, but I am not close to any of the men here.