Cold Sensation on scalp-Burning pain on forehead! Anybody have this?


I'm really getting very nervous about my diagnosis. I'm getting more symptoms daily. Did anyone ever have cold sensations on scalp and burning pain on forehead? Please let me know if you did? Thank you

Sorry it took so long to respond however I don’t check the sight every day.
I have very bad scalp pain everyday.
I hope you feel better soon!

Yes I do have scalp pain. As time goes in, my symptoms progress. This seems to be normal I’m sorry to say.

Unfortunately I also have these symptoms. I had very bad burning forehead pain and a very sensitive scalp that hurt whenever I even slightly moved or pulled at my hair. The pain even seemed to radiate to the back of my neck, like a strange tingling sensation. Thankfully, medication has helped me greatly to the point where I no longer have the burning and only slight scalp itching. Hang in there, I hope you get some relief soon!