Cluster headache adds to tn joy

I suffered from my first ever cluster headache last week. Ended up in emergency room as it was just so bad. The dr obviously didnt really understand TN (I have suffered for several years) . I was told that one of my sinuses was blocked -the cause of all my woes. really??

Is there a connection between TN and cluster headaches? I really don't want another one, TN is bad enough thankyou!

Would be interested to hear from anyone else who has had a similar experience, kindest regards


Hi Margi, I was diagnosed with TN last March and unfortunately What they call transformed Migraines has been very much a feature. A good tip given to me by my consultant was to take beta blockers to prevent the headaches / migraines and if one is coming on not to wait but to take a substantial amount of pain killer to head off the pain.

I really hope that helps.

Take Care


Yes, there can be a connection. I had them as my TN progressed and they were extremely painful. The neurology team that I was working with at Massachusetts General Hospital had me take Indomethacin and it REALLY helped, pretty much eradicated them..

I had a succesful MVD surgery a few months later and the TN was fixed and no more headaches.

Please ask your neuro team about Indomethacin.

Good Luck