Clove Oil

So, have any of use used clove oil for tooth and gum pain? I am quite miserable now and willing to try anything. It was hard to find, but my husband went to a pharmacy that has natural healing merchandise. I tried it last night. It seems to numb the area for a while, but I still had the cheek, eye, and nose pain. I am Type 2. I don't know how often to put it on. Will it harm gum tissue? Any thoughts on this?

Oh my, the meds have kicked in. I meant, have any of you used clove oil. Please forgive me/

Call your doctor…

Or dentist
Tell them to call in for you…

Ask for lidocaine cream for face

Lidocaine mouthwash for mouth!!


I have used clove oil on my teeth and gums. it is safe in small quantities, not sure how often you can apply it. it does taste terrible. You would probably be ahead to try the lidocaine cream and mouthwash that kc dancer kc suggested.