Has anyone used topical clonidine?
I don’t think I can get anywhere with the trileptal.So sick on it.
But when I am sick I can search and I saw this.
If you have tried it -was it bought as a creme or did you have it compounded.

I have not seen topical clonidine by itself. I have previously tried a compounded cream that had clonidine in it, along with bupivacaine, ketamine, baclofen and a few other drugs. It was expensive to have compounded and unfortunately did not help me. But I have read others’ posts that the compounded cream did help them. I got the exact combination from this site and have it written down if you would like it.

I have a super ketamine cream that my specialist had prescribed before he went AWOL.It works best as something that tides me over until prescription pills start working
Trouble is finding someone new to prescribe.Definitely not my family doctor…