Chronic Pain is Relieved by Cell Transplantation in Lab Study

Dear friends and colleagues,

As you know, I try to post promising leads to research on chronic pain. Although still at the level of animal studies, the following link appears highly pertinent to directions of research in chronic neuropathic pain and Atypical TN. I've run into some of Dr. Basbaum's work before, and I'm glad to see that it is maturing. Worth a read...

Discovery credit, Bill Phillips

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Thank you Red, everyone should watch this video. I am hoping this research moves along quickly, as I would like to see it happen so we all can be made well again. PAIN FREE AND MEDICATION FREE.

Wow, count me in as a lab rat, anything to get rid of this pain at this point, at least we know that there are people trying to help, thanks for posting Red!!


Hi Red
Thanks, it is great they are researching to find ways to get rid of this monster pain. I would volunteer for experimenting,. Fed up of pain and side effects of meds.

Wow , this is a piece of great news. It gives us hope looking forward. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds , so members who have suffered AD after failed surgery shouldn’t feel too depressed. There may be some breakthrough in this areas ,too.