Chiropractic help for C3 vertebrae?

Hi, I’m Type 1 TN for 10 years. I don’t try everything, but have tried a lot! Mainly prior to the MVD, when my MRI was considered “clean”. The MVD lasted in 14 blissful months.

I am interested if anyone has used a Chiropractic method with a Sigma tool.

It is computerized, measures then aligns the individual vertebrae. My Hubby has had successes with it, and when I saw information that the C3 vertebrae was connected to the 5th cranial nerve (our favorite) I needed to find out more.
I have made an appt with my Hubbys Chiro. But would love to hear if anyone has tried this. It’s not a traditional neck cracking situation!
Thank you!

I have TN type 2. I underwent Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractor which helped me to the point of a miracle. This led to my research on the path of jaw alignment treatment with my teeth, cranial, which I saw the correlation between my pain and the alignment. If you search for Dr Gerry Smith or Dr Amir, Putney this gives a fantastic overview of the link between our health and teeth.