Change in pain

My TN (diagnosed about 15 years ago) has always caused pain on the right side of my face. I would have episodes that would last for ten days and then not return for months. I went several years with no pain whatsoever. Then I had some invasive dental work that brought the pain back. After trying different medications I ended up on 200 mgs of Lamotrigine (Lamictal) daily and that has mostly kept the pain at bay with brief episodes ... untiil now.

I now have TN pain on BOTH sides of my face and the type of pain varies from one side of my face to the other. The quality of pain has also changed on the right side of my face. While I still have the dull throbbing that mostly characterizes my pain, there are days when I can't bite down on the right side because it feels like I'm biting into a row of needles. Sometimes on the left side, I'll take a drink of something (hot, cold or lukewarm) and my top row of teeth will scream in sharp, sharp pain. I had a regular dentist appointment last week and there is nothing relatable between my pain and my teeth. Also new are very quick, intense bursts of pain on both sides of my face. As I write this, I have a throbbing pressure-like pain right above my right eye which feels like it's closing that eye (it really isn't, just feels like it.)

Thankfully I have my annual appointment with my neurologist next week but I have several questions for y'all.

Will my neurologist think I'm crazy or making up that my whole face now hurts?

Has anyone here ever had this kind of addition of pain or change in pain years past onset of symptoms?

Is it possible my TN is something else?