Change In Medicine - HELP

OK, dilemma . . . . I've been having bad eye problems. It's all I can do to even look at the computer long enough to write this message.

Went to the doctor today. Last time I went a month ago we made two prescription changes at one time. Went up on tegretol from 200 mgs. per day to 400 mgs. per day and changed my depression med from celexa (generic) to cymbalta (generic).

Doc said today that both can cause eye problems. The cymbalta (generic) has helped me so much!!! So he told me to go back down to the 200 mgs. per day of tegretol.

I asked if that would make me have another TN episode. He shrugged his shoulders and had that i don't know look and then said it could.

I'm thinking maybe just go back to 300 mgs. per day.

My husband and I are getting our grandson this weekend, something we don't do very often. Very planned a great weekend and I don't want to ruin it like last time.

Doc said if going down on the tegretol doesn't help then we know we have to change the cymbalta.

PLEASE HELP! Should I just go down to 300 mgs. of tegretol right now and see what happens?

I know that you all are not doctors but what would you do if you were me?!?

I'm not asking anyone to give me medical advice . . . .I'm asking, if you were me, what would YOU do. If truly and honestly understand that if I decide to cut down to 300 mgs that I WILL be going against my doctors instructions. Even though if I call him he would go along with it I'm sure.

I need to know from people who have LIVED THIS what they think . . . .

What's the worst that can happen if you cut back? It would be different if you we're going above what he advised. At least you may find out if it's causing the eye problems. I say go for it.

Well, that's kind of what I thought too. I really don't want to end up with a TN attack, especially since we are getting our grandson this weekend and are having party this Saturday for my husband's birthday. UGH! I hate this stupid disease!!! It could be a lot worse though.

I'm just going to drop down by 100 mgs right now and see what happens. Then I might go on down by 200 mgs after this weekend.