CFL or am I freaking out and it's a cold?

Yesterday, my left ear (my TN and MVD were on my right) started ringing after my first long sleep (11hrs straight!) in many, many months. I’ve had tinnitus before, but it ended up being stress related. So I didn’t think anything of it, then today it stopped but it now whistles when I hear a high pitch (ie like my kids voices). Also I feel some gurgling in both ears. I have some post nasal drip too.
Now In addition to whistling the ear is making everyone’s voice sound digital

I’m day8 post-MVD so I went digging in the exit packet, it says CFL would be dripping through the nose, out the ears, post nasal or even eyes AND I’ve have metallic taste. Now I’m convinced I taste metallic but I don’t know I’m no good at this. Maybe it isn’t
My gameplan is to sleep and if its not clear in the am then call Hopkins back

Any comments?

Anyone had CFL? Would I have to get checked in again at hopkins and stay overnight to get this fixed or is that an outpatient thing?

I JUST got out of terror land and can feel my anxiety ramping…

I had tinnitis in my left ear (MVD was right side) for 3 days that started several days after surgery. I also had a slight hearing loss on both sides. My hearing came back completely and the tinnitis went away. My surgery was 12/21.

I had a very small leak that was cleared up by strong antibiotics. I probably had it since I was d/c and told him at my 4 week check up. I did feel the congestion in my ear and my hearing was muffled for a few weeks. It takes a while for all the swelling to go down.

My understanding and experience is that hearing diminishment occurs due to an influx of fluids as part of the surgery. It should dissipate. That said, you should ALWAYS check with your NS to make sure it is not more significant. Also most CSF leaks heal themselves or with the help of antibiotics ( like my pal Mary, hi Mary!!). Good luck.


Thanks Rick, my family (and I guess I agree) thinks I may suffer from PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. Think its time to call in a pro to help me get back to normal life.

I had a CSF leak post op, but it did not occur in my head. It was from a lumbar drain. If you're worried that it's a leak, you should definitely call your NS. At least for some peace of mind if anything. Do you have any other symptoms such as a headache (dumb question since you just had your skull drilled into, but my CSF leak headache felt different than the surgical headache), dizziness, nausea/vomiting (especially if you sit up or move around)? Make sure to take note and let them know if you have any of these.

BTW: Like Mimi, I had a full-of-water feeling and some hearing issues after my MVD. Antihistamines made the fullness feel better and the hearing loss got better after a couple of weeks.