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Cervical Spine & TN


I have been reading a lot lately about the relationship between people suffering from both TN and cervical spine issues. I cannot believe in over five years of the best treatment, no one ever mentioned it once.

Yes, I have TN from a dental issue that has consumed the last five years of my life leaving me isolated and in constant fear of moving. I found out recently that I had significant bilateral C5 stenosis and C6-C7 needs surgery. I know that C2 and C3 (especially C3) can be the cause of underlying cause of TN. Thinking that if I could fix the cervical spine, maybe I have a chance with TN.

It seems that neurologist and neurosurgeons look at everything as C5 - C7 but do not take into account I have TN. If the TN and nerves to the spine both become pinched, this becomes a very serious issue. I find myself in this situation with little guidance on what to have faith in and what not?

Thank you for your input.



Upper cervical chiropractic has made a massive difference for me…hardest part is finding a good chiropractor…can start with http://nucca.org/
For more info, find the book “What Time Tuesday” by James Tomasi.
Upper cervical is the real deal from my experience. But, not everyone who claims to be an upper cervical chiropractor seems to be able to do the job in my experience, so if you don’t get results with one within a 3-4 week window, I’d try at least two more. Don’t spread it out…go three times the first week, and two times weekly for weeks two-four. By then you should be holding in place. Don’t let a twist it up violent chiropractor touch your neck…I’ve had them make my pain much worse.



I know that cervical care is in need for me. However, I believe that no one will even touch me right now. After five years, of no one ever mentioning anything about cervical spine issues and TN, my Neurologist said in Nivember my MRI’s were okay, it was not. I had a molar pulled that same week. It took a long time to figure out that my oral caused the severe bilateral stenosis at C5, encroching on the CSF, several tears, bulges and herniations that were not thee before. My new MRI said emergency neurosurgery but the doctors that did all this won’t return my calls, where I now live they don’t know what it is and I an going to start all over again with a doctors appointment 5 hours away now telling me I have TN, cervical spine issues and my dental issues, all related, all on hold. I am sure that my migraines are now cervicogenic headaches, something now suggested and confirmed and that I have trigeminal/cervical convergence. I can look back two years and see where it all went wrong, with the best doctors, in Beverly Hills. If my C2-C7 is damaged in many places and I have major damage at C4-C7, I dont think an Occupational Therapist or Chiropractor would be helpful if touching me in four spot causing immediate pain both cervical and TN. All day I feel them getting closer andf finally, several times a day the cervical and TN flare up together, bridged by the cervical connection, compressing my nerves at C5 causing so many othger problems. I need to deal with what first? Neurosurgeon? After five years, 300 appointments, dozens of procedures, losing my home, family and life savings, I was given the okay to move by my LA doctors, when I was already doomed before I left, and they missed it. Now that I know there is a cervical connection and look back on what the pain meds were masking, it’s scary. I thought I was finally able to deal with the horros, mourne the losses and allow my spirit to heal by picking a quiet place on the beach near nothing, absolutely nothing. I knew the risk but after five years, I knew I coukld deal with it. Every single thing this year from ER visits, to x-rays, MRI’s, and tons of new doctors, was for something I did not even know I have, and now I either have to leave my home again or consider letting it stay as is, stay as comfortable as possible and if that fails, who knows.

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Please help.



If you haven’t read it maybe helpful,


basically states your neck can cause TN in addition to other related disorders GN, migraine etc.

Does it mean physical therapy (chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy NUCCA etc.) is the answer? Short answer no, unless it was caused by trauma: RTA, dentistry. Sure it might help for postural issues, poor diet, a body which suffers chronic inflammation, but it is not the definitive answer. What is, total health, a body which can deal with a healing process, which is healthy ( central neuropathic causes aside).

Bad diet, stress, use of prescribed pharmaceuticals - probably the majority of us, leads to uncontrolled inflammation, which was you bodies original reaction to heal the situation, no offence meant, did we give it the tools required, no! carried on the way we were, yep and took a medication, surprisingly we’re still in the same boat, if not worse. Your neuro, no way asked you to change your lifestyle, offered you a pill, maybe a referral to a surgeon- yelp! What goes in your mouth influences pain/ healing and to my mind is the most important aspect, in addition to stress; physical, chemical, emotional. Control these, and you should be winning- any disease crisis.

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I had cervical fusion of C5-C7 last November. A year earlier I started having a strange burning sensation in the right side of my face and head (temple area) and around my ear and underneath my jaw. Although my surgeon didn’t suggest that my surgery would fix my head pain, I had hopes of relief. Almost a year post-fusion my atypical TN remains unchanged. All that to say, I personally see a strong correlation. My pain relief doctor referred me to another pain relief doctor who performs injections around the Trigeminal ganglion going through the outside of the cheek. I was elated that for two days I had no right sided head or face pain. I am now considering having another injection hoping for longer lasting relief. It’s all a gamble and invokes much trial and error. I hope you find relief and figure out the best treatment options for you.



I also have lots of cervical issues like you, rscottb, but have found some relief for my ATN from a chiropractor recently. However, I don’t like the way my neck was manipulated. On another forum, I read about Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic practice and will try that. It is much more gentle, apparently. Can you find someone like that? Even though traditional Western medicine docs sometimes avoid complicated cases, Chiropractors don’t seem to be so risk aversive (is that the right term?). Anyway, I hope that you hang in there and keep trying, especially in the alternative field.


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