Ceased jaw

anyone else get a seized jaw and swollen face...my jaw ceases shut and stops me even sipping soup i am less than 8 stone and cant afford to lose anymore weight..are there any solutions to this

Check to make sure you don't have TMJ.

what is tmj

Donna Cook Turnage said:

Check to make sure you don't have TMJ.

temporomadibular joint disease. the joint locks up sometimes where your mouth opens and closes.

Hi Dizzy, I have been having some jaw problems with I think associated with TMJ. My TN had me eating gingerly and I think I twisted my jaw. What I read was to ice your jaw for 5 minutes and then place heat on it for another 5 to help loosen it. Do it several times through the day. Regular pain killers like aspirin, Ibuprofen(Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) helps with the jaw pain. Also would a thin straw bendable straw help? It sounds like making an appointment with Doctor would be good. Keep up the weight for me!! Hope all goes well. Tina

Hi Dizzy, at many of the groceries in US they have in the Baby Food section they have these pouches of food that you can squeeze into your mouth (no sucking required). Kind of how you saw astronauts eating without gravity. It is a pouch with pureed food with a small opening and you just squeeze. I think that sucking can cause you to put pressure on your jaw. Good luck. Tina

they say i dont have tmj....my jaw slowly opens less and less every day until there is no gap between my teeth...i have tn1 and tn2...the ceased jaw thing starts when the tn1 starts to kick in....it usually takes weeks for the jabs to join up and intensify then iget about 10 mins break from the shocks every hour then it takes weeks to subside and the ceased jaw slowly subsides at the same time

Dizzy, this sucks! For times when your jaw seizes up, could you take food through a straw on the side of your mouth, so that the jaws don't have to open. I tried this, not very comfortable but at least you could get liquids and smoothies down. When I was unable to eat I used a Cuisinart hand blender which works really great for small jobs. You could put your chicken soup through the blender. At first not so appetizing but you get use to the consistency of things. I did this with bean soup. I am so sorry you are going through such pain. I send my healing thoughts out to you Dizzy. Tina

honestly i think i would die without my blender....just been given topamax but reluctant to start taking them as am now 7 and a bit stone and have heard they make you lose weight...i live on my own out in the middle of nowhere and tend to suffer alone lost my job and my man ...was dating for two years but new man is schizofrenic and cant take the endless abuse anymore so trying to let him go ...once upon a time i thought suffering alone was hell but now i am praying that i am left alone ....finally i can see that my life is not that bad compared to mental illness i think i got it easy at least i can appreciate the beauty of the world which is what gets me by as the drugs dont work for me and on the whole my optimism and humour is all i have...thank god for small mercies and please let my ex go and find somebody else to abuse....feel very isolated out here in the west of the emerald isle ...thank you all for your comments they give me hope.xx