Living With Facial Pain

Cbd oil


Has anyone tried cbd oil for their pain?



Yes, didn’t do a thing, in fact I believe it made it worse. Anything with any THC in it makes me anxious and paranoid. Some find MMJ very helpful, but for me it was a total bust.



I have a medical marijuana prescription.I have found that the cbd oil did nothing for my face pain.I do find the THC oil is very good for night time as it knocks me out.I have not found a strain that I can vape for immediate results.Good luck

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CBD oil from Hemp does not compare at all to CBD from Cannabis. I have been using various rations of CBD to THC tinctures and at times THCA (non psychoactive - no high) and CBDA tinctures since July and I am fairly convinced they have helped me a great deal. I say fairly only because I know this disease can go into remission all by itself and one never knows what did the trick. It takes a little doing to titrate oneself since we don’t get any help form our doctors. I got the advise of dispensary staff at times and have been getting some help form one of the makers of the brand I use. Its important that what you use is lab tested and you know what the mgs are.
Though smoking or vaporizing is the fastest for pain, I don’t want to smoke and vaporizing equipment is expensive. I tried whats called vape pen and burnt my throat so i stick with tinctures under the tongue. If you live in a state where medical cannabis is legal, I suggest you get a card (you can do it on line pretty inexpensively) and talk to someone who is hopefully somewhat knowledgeable at your local dispensary. If you don’t live in a legal state, do not fall for the CBD oil adds on facebook or elsewhere… that’s Hemp oil because its illegal to ship cannabis products. I have found some information by googling something like “Trigeminal Neuralgia and medical cannabis” Be careful of THC capsules. Depending on the mgs in a cap they can get you VERY stoned. Happened to me once and that was my first and last capsule. However I have recently found a company that makes them in variable mgs though I haven’t tried yet. This company also makes sprays for under the tongue. Non of these companies can ship out of state so you need to research whats available in your state.



I tried the cbd with 11% thc and it didn’t help my face Pain at all but it did relax me but it also made me really irritable. I used it for almost 3 weeks to see if it would work but I had no results. I hope this helps you.



I have been using a high CBD strain of Cannabis flower. I also rely on a high CBD strain of oil from a vape. I am in a state that allows for medicinal use of cannabis. I have not taken any pharmaceutical for the past year for my TN. Gabapentin gave me facial edema. Hydrocodon was a drug I had used for about twenty years for back pain. I was prescribed the cannabis/CBD for the back pain but the usage also keeps my TN miraculously in remission. I don’t even take a Tylenol any more!

Sometimes like now, I hate to hear myself talk about being in “remission”, because I have and do experience the painful,puzzling condition of TN.

I try to be positive and sensible about having the condition and I wish you and everybody the best.

Pray too…



Thank you. I live in California so it’s legal here. Can you tell me where
you get it?



I am registered in the state of Illinois. I get my medicine it at a state controlled dispensary.



What does that cost?



I haven’t gone out to get it yet. I have to get my prescription renewed first. If you google marijuana dispenseries you should be able to find out



Can you drive while taking it? Does it make you too dopey? Excuse the
word but I need something that can get rid of the pain and still function
in the world
Thank you



it is the THC you need for this. over in the UK, we can only get the CBD oil which may work for a few. stronger the THC the better for the pain.



Thank you. CBD didn’t work for me either.



I find the oils from Aphria work pretty good.The Sativa oil lets me go a few hours without normal pain meds and it does not make me dopey(or any more than normal dopey)
Indica is my hope for night
I just wish it was covered by health insurance plans.



I use a high does of cbd in my coffee and I just a another one in a vape it helps out a lot. I use it even if I am not in pain. If i don’t use till I have pain it’s hard to relieve the pain. The cbd is the only form of medication that I use besides naproxen.



I’m afraid some in this thread have confused THC and CBDs.

CBD products don’t (generally) contain THC. (Or at least not more than trace amounts. And there are some products that contain both, but I’m not referring to those.)

They aren’t even always made from the marijuana plant (rather, typically from hemp, especially in non-MMJ states), and when they are it’s a low THC strain.

I have ATN and with bad flares that can bring TN1 symptoms. CBDs help me immensely.

THC does not help my TN. THC doesn’t help because it, especially when smoked, causes changes in blood pressure, increases it and dilates blood vessels, which puts more pressure on the trigeminal nerve (or any nerves that vessels press on). Since my TN came on, I can’t consume weed (smoke, edibles, vaping it is ok, but still makes things worse) anymore unless I’m on extra CBDs and even when I do, it still makes the pain worse, the CBDs just make it bearable. Some people might be able to tolerate THC occasionally, but generally speaking, due to the physical effect it has on the body, THC will probably cause most with TN more pain. A very low dose of THC might have some positive stress relieving effects, but taking higher doses could be risking more pain. Also THC can cause some people to have bad anxiety, whereas CBDs relieve anxiety.

The thing with CBDs, and why some people don’t experience their positive effects, is that both quality and quantity matter.

CBDs are known to reduce nerve pain more than other types of pain. That’s a good thing for those of us with TN–this NATURAL pain reliever is MOST EFFECTIVE ON OUR TYPE OF PAIN.

For anyone who hasn’t found CBDs to be effective, I encourage you to find a high quality product (BROAD/FULL SPECTRUM, WITH NO/LITTLE THC!) and try a higher dose of it. CBDs won’t hurt you. If you take “too much” you’ll just fall asleep (unless somehow you’re allergic? :confused:).

I hope that the logic in this is apparent. We have “the most painful condition known to man”, so if you can imagine, we’ve gotta throw a lot at it for anything we try to be effective. It’s a very strong pain. It’s not like a tidal wave could be stopped by a sandbag–TN likely won’t be stopped by a low dose of low quality anything. It’s like how people’s doctors prescribe higher and higher doses of things like gabapentin, trying to throw as much at the TN as people can tolerate (or not) and then people end up forgetting how old their kids are and walking into walls and the like.

The same approach needs to be taken with CBDs–throw everything you’ve got at the TN. At least with CBDs one can still drive, talk, think, remember, and not be essentially poisoned into a non-functioning lump by a toxic substance.

I was terrified to take gabapentin. When I was diagnosed and prescribed that, I read about it. I read about folks who take it for TN. I was horrified. So I didn’t take it. I think that was the best choice I’ve made in my life. I researched natural treatments for TN. I found CBDs and tried them.

I found a similar leveling off of the efficacy as described by others who have taken gabapentin and other TN drugs. From what I’ve read, a tolerance is built to most things taken for TN. I started at a dose of 15mg full spectrum hemp extract (which contained 10.5 mg of CBDs) in pill form, twice a day. The relief was immediate, however I would still get random pains, but not nearly as frequently or strong, and the overall constant ATN pain was reduced immensely. It felt like most of the pressure was taken off. Sometimes I would think that the TN was going away, so I’d stop taking the CBDs, only to have my symptoms return within a few hours. I found that as time went on, I needed to take 3 a day, and then 4 to maintain the same effect. Then I switched to a 35mg pill (25mg straight CBDs), twice daily, which is where I’m at now. I seem to have leveled off there. The pain is at a level that is tolerable to live around the house, but I’m still weary of leaving for long because I can have flare-ups at random (again, just not nearly as bad/constant as without the CBDs). If I’m planning to go out I make sure not to miss a dose beforehand and I take an extra pill about a half hour before I leave. If I could afford a dose at double where I’m at now, I’m pretty sure I’d get most of my life back.

I can’t afford to take more than that because of the cost. It’s about $100/mo for that dosage and that’s with the medical purpose discount at my local head shop. I live in a newly MMJ state, however I don’t have a card and as CBDs are federally legal because they don’t contain THC (at all or in high enough levels to matter), I don’t need the card to buy them. I can find them at head shops, natural food stores, even gas stations and cigarette/lottery type stores.

Which brings me back to the topic of quality that I mentioned earlier. I wouldn’t recommend actually buying the CBDs at a gas station/other convenience type store, even though they are that widely available in some places.

A high quality CBD product will contain the “full spectrum” of active plant compounds (cannabinoids, flavonoids, fatty acids, minerals, terpenes, etc) that are found naturally in hemp. From what I’ve read, those who take a “full spectrum” CBD product will have much better results due to what is called the entourage effect (ie: CBD works better with its friends than alone).

In addition to having a great effect on my TN, CBDs have also helped relieve some of my (pretty bad) anxiety and also some of my SLE (lupus) symptoms.

I hope that this info helps others. I believe with the right dose of a high quality CBD product, that many people with TN could get off the dangerous meds and get at least some portion of their lives back.


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Can you tell me what to ask for when I order this?



If you live in the US you can order online * or buy locally Charlotte’Web CBD oil which has 3% TSH. I started this a week ago, and my anxiety that I had for sixty years had gone and my ATN beak through pain has decreased a lot. I am on gabapentin but I hope in a few months I can slowly taper off of it. I feel normal with no anxiety. I live in the present now- not worring, I love the way I feel. You don’t get high from this.
I got the 10milligram bottle mint flavor around $40. I started out slow. 1/8 tsp twice a day for 5 days then 1/4 tsp twice a day at least 8 hour apart. I have to take it 4 hours before bedtime as it causes me to wake up.
It is legal in the USA. Charlotte Web is one of the best brand - made in Colorado. Cheaper brands are from scammers. That small amount of TSH is legal in CBD oil.



I meant THC not TSH. Sorry



Thank you for this information!