CBD Oil reduces TN pain

CBD oil has dramatically reduced my Trigeminal Neuralgia pain. Most days it’s under a 4 (before always 6 or higher), sometimes a 1 or even none! CBD oil is non-hallucinogenic and is known for reducing pain. I take it internally as well as topically. This has made my life more livable, although I had to stick with it for a couple of months before I saw a noticeable difference.

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Interesting, can you tell us more about what product you use, and how much/how often? I’ve used it before (about 1 mg. of CBD), with no effect on my pain.

Yes please let us know.I have tried it for a couple months with no sign of improvement.Can you please share specific details-like brand-how much CBD and how much thc?

I had been using the PainShield since Nov. 2016 with some results. In May I tried Native Hem Solutions 1 mg. twice a day, then once a day without the PainShield. Almost gave up on the Hemp. Decided to try it WITH the PainShield. Had immediate dramatic results. Stayed with the dueo for about 4 months. Stopped using the PainShield almost a month ago. Did not reverse to more pain and using only 1 mg a day of the Hemp. When I get sharp pains, I’ll use the salve. Everytime I think I may have to add the PainShield in conjunction with the Hemp, the pain subsides by night and I don’t have to use the PainShield. Very happy.

What makes NativeHemp Solutions different from most is that it’s tested 2 times in a lab. Once when the crop comes in and the other when the oil is made. https://www.naturalnews.com/056025_Native_Hemp_Solutions_CBD_cannabidiol.html

PainShield info – http://www.nanovibronix.co.il/treatment-for-trigeminal-neuralgia-pain

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Thanks for the information. I’ve been vaping CBD/THC. And smoking marijuana, for a year and a half without CBD when that mix wasn’t available at my medical marijuana dispensary. However I’ve been wanting to use a CBD salve but I wasn’t certain what to try. Thanks for the links!

I have been using Charlottes Web everyday plus-one dropperful each day. Their website is very informative and they have a toll free number you can call through realm of caring to get more information. The Stanely brothers-creators of this brand, worked to find a strain that has had very impressive results for children with epilepsy. This brand is also available at many health food stores. It is about $30 per bottle but very effective. Best of luck.

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I have been looking into AND oil this week and found it amazing that this forum popped up. They have it supernatural food store by us. Since Oct. I have been experiencing a flare up after being diagnosed with TN in summer of '15. Not on any meds but going for accupuncture. I don’t react well to meds and I am on blood pressure medication. My husband is not healthy and I cannot afford to be down because if TN meds. I was wondering if the CBD oil would react to my blood pressure meds? A salve was mentioned as well in above post. Does this work as well? Thanks for this post and I wish everyone pain free.

I did not check my post. Of course first sentence should read CBD. Sorry auto correct!!

AS far as I know, CBD oil doesn’t interact with drugs. I’d check it out to
be sure.

I’m curious to know what amount people took and for how long of a trial before they decided it didn’t work.

I took the CBD oil for a month without the PainShield. Before giving up, I
decided to try it a second time with the PainShield which gave me some
relief. That did the trick. My pain dramatically decreased. In face, I can
go several days without the PainShield. But after a time, I need to use it
again with the CBD oil. NOTHING else has helped at all.


That’s really helpful Joann, thanks. Admittedly I know nothing about this, but from what I’ve read there is a “sweet spot” for pain relief based on serving size (mg). That’s why they want new people to titrate it and start small and gradually increase the amount over a period of time. Too little and you get no relief, but also too much and you don’t get any relief either. It has to be within this window or sweet spot in order to work.

I started a trial of CBD oil 3 days ago. The first day I actually got 30% relief for about 4 hours!!! Unfortunately my intake wasn’t measured, and I would have a difficult time estimating it because I vaped and took the oil sub-lingually. So for the next two days I’ve had no relief and still tinkering around with the mg that’s going to be right for me.

It’s like a tease. But I have to be patient and diligent and just titrate gradually until I find that sweet spot.

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As per usual, we view the world through our own experience.
So, as I was reading through this thread I had a “penny drop” moment, is it the muscular relaxant effect of the CBD oil that is providing the benefit and if so, which muscles is it relaxing?
From acquired knowledge, capsaicin, lidocaine & peppermint oil are all noted muscle relaxents, even Gabapentin has some muscle relaxant effects, although it’s most potent effect seems to be enhancing the effect of almost any med used alongside.
All of the above have been used with some success to manage TN, so what is the actual effect they are providing to result in a net benefit?

Gabapentin definitely isn’t a muscle relaxer, it’s anti-seizure with the odd bonus of boosting the effectiveness of other anti-seizure meds when taken together.

I have a feeling the muscle relaxant effect happens as the pain is relieved. When you don’t hurt as much you aren’t as tense in general.

Same goes for lidocaine. Lidocaine is in a class of medications called local anesthetics. It works by stopping nerves from sending pain signals. It doesn’t relax muscles. But, then again, when you stop hurting you stop being so tense so your muscles relax.

I’ve noticed sometimes before a flare up my neck and shoulder will be stiff on that side, almost like a stiff neck because of sleeping in a stupid position. I talked to my nuero and she has the idea that it’s a sub-conscious reaction to sub-conscious pain – that I’m tensing against the pain that has started but hasn’t gotten bad enough to register consciously yet. Now when I have a stiff neck or something along those lines I start acute therapy for ATN flares and it does seem to stop the flare from really flaring.

I do agree that Gabapentin is not listed as a muscle relaxant, but the question lies to what level has it been studied or graded as a muscle relaxant, there are so many drugs that have overlapping roles, particularly when you go into neural/psychosis areas, some list it as anti depressant, others as anti anxiety, others anti seizure. There is no denying anything we put into our bodies has multiple effects, but which one of these is the beneficial one, it may not be the advertised one.
Regarding the lidocaine is there any more relaxant effect than putting a muscle into an effective comatose state, feel nothing, hear nothing, see nothing.
With the stiff neck bit from poor sleep position and stiff neck I’m curious what is the detail of acute therapy that you start to circumvent a fully aggravated flare?

I have no idea why the combination of the PainShield and CBD oil work for
me. I than the Lord that I found that combination. I either have no or very
low pain most days. Praise God!

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Let me clarify the stiff neck comment – it’s not from sleeping a poor position, I have a very excellent side sleeper pillow! laughter – the stiff neck feeling appears to be a forerunner of a possible flare, so, when my neck is stiff I start using lidocaine patches along the TN nerve branch that tends to flare for me, the one along the bottom jaw.

Then, if I so much as get a flicker of ATN I take vicodin. I’ve also been using a heating pad on the stiff neck feeling, I’m not sure if it actual helps or if it’s emotional but at least it doesn’t hurt, right?

On a daily basis I take 100mg of gabapetin every morning and every night and 250mg of depakote every night. This is working to help control migraines, lymph edema pain, and ATN flare ups. Admittedly I react very, very strongly to medications so my doses tend to be oddly low compartively speaking.

I assume there is typo there, a “k” missing in “I than the Lord”, I make plenty of mistakes too, just think it’s good to point out as others may also miss the meaning, as I have just recently.
Secondly Can I ask where you apply the pain shield patch to?
I read that it is a disposable patch, do you get any repeat uses from patch or is it single use and how do you find the costs?

Sounds like you have a good action plan to manage your situation, though ours is slightly different, there are common factors never the less.
Generally speaking, we have found the cycle starts with mid shoulder tension around T4 vertebrae, then it progresses to neck tension which seems to correlate to the levator scapulae muscle whilst at the same time the sensitivity at eyebrow has increased and is extending to side of nose, she has right side TN, the next stage is pinching feeling on outside shoulder blades, more on left, and then the right upper lip starts to become sensitive and we are in danger zone for zaps.
Part of our treatment is heat packs on neck & shoulder, massage, hot baths & flat bed(no pillow) siesta, so I am interested where you apply the heat packs, side of neck, back shoulders, jaw etc.?
The other question is, have you tried to determine frequency of relapse cycles, we have a vague corolation to menstral cycle, but as said it is vague at best?

I was speaking with someone on the weekend who believes that CBD oil dramatically decreased her facial pain.She said she was using 2mg twice a day when the pain was bad and decreased the oil as the pain decreased.She said she took it for about 3 months.Now she takes a tiny refresher bit if she starts to feel the pain coming.that’s what I understood anyways.
In Canada 60 ml is about 120 bucks. So for that dosage you would need 2 bottles.

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