Today my doctor called in a script for carbamazepine. Any input on this???

This is most Dr's first try to treat the pain. It works well for many. Keep us updated please.

Thank you and I will!

It all depends on the side effects, and everyone is different. I had none apart from initial tiredness at bedtime the very first week, until I was upped to 1200 mg and experienced a few days of dry mouth and some drowsiness. All very tolerable considering the side effects other things resulted in. Make sure you have regular blood tests though. It has affected my salt levels somewhat (but not critically).

Everyone reacts differently. I only lasted about a day and a half on Carbambamazepine because it didn't just make me drowsy, I couldn't function at all. My speech was so slurred, my Doctor could barely understand me when I called. If I stood up I had to hold onto something to keep from falling over. It was like being very, very VERY drunk. My reaction is rare. Like I said, everyone reacts differently. I now take Lamotrigine with no side effects whatsoever whereas others have reported severe side effects. Good luck! I hope this medicine works for you.

it was also prescribed for me 2.5 years ago at the beginning of my tn journey. it worked well for me. it is somewhat self diagnosisng. if you respond to carb in a week or so then they, the docs, are very confident of their initial diagnosis. get it a bit of time and be sure to follow the increase schedule. what dose did they start you at?

Hi Lynn, a different perspective as I am trialling it now..I have just started recently on 100 mg (quite low) twice a day for a week, seemed fine but no change in my pain, maybe a tiny more dull than usual, the second week increased to 200mg twice a day and extremely tired, dry mouth, my eyes were playing tricks on me a little blurred at times, and then a lovely attractive rash broke out on my face cheeks scalp neck, thighs and legs within 2 days..still so itchy now lol! Decided to step back down to the 100mgx2 then see my GP again. It's back to the drawing board for me! I really monitor my reactions as I am allergic to some usual pain meds, a rash usually is the first sign for me. But was hoping it would help and carbamazepine seems help so many here, everyone reacts differently, my hope for you Lynn it brings relief *hugs*

I am on 100mg three times a day and it is my life saver. The only side effect I have noticed is that I get nauseous but hey if I lose a few pounds and have no pain it’s a win win! Lol. I’m not sure if it makes me drowsy seeing as i work full time and have three kids so I’m am always moving and shaking!! I know eventually my body will get used to it and they will increase my dosage but for now the relief of the pain is a god send. Thank you everyone!!!

Great to hear Tegretol is working so well for a number of you–I’m only on day 4 of it and hope it will help. I wish now I wasn’t on Baclofen with it as I don’t know which one is causing the incredible drowsiness and slurring of speech. I am trying to remain hopeful that something will help. The pain is always there, sometimes worse than others. The shocks are getting better (thank goodness).