Carbamazepine allergy - anyone had this?

I appear to be suffering from Drug Hypersensitivity Syndrome. It only took my doc 14 months to show an interest in it, but hey, better late than never! This has (finally) been diagnosed through me having an incurable rash which turns out to be Erythema Multiform Major. This is a more serious drug reaction, but I seem to have it in a mild form - thank God. Specifically, I have the rash, itchy skin, very itchy eyes and things like fatigue, sore joints, urinary pain and blurred vision. Antihistamines seem to be helping with the rash, but, understandably, I am worried about having this long-term (it's also given me subclinical hypothyroidism).

Ironically, I am on a very low maintenance dose of Carbamazepine (only 300mg a day) but I would like to come off the drug entirely, for obvious reasons. However, winter is coming up and my doc keeps doomsaying me stopping it; he is convinced my TN pain will come back, and I am now thoroughly anxious that he may be right.

Anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone else has ever had an allergic reaction to Carbamazepine and what drug you used instead, and how it worked out for you. I'd really appreciate some suggestions here as my body patently isn't coping with Carbamazepine, but bringing back TN pain isn't an option either....