Carbamazeipine and neurotin I'm in hell

I am now on 1600 carb, and 900 neurotin. I feel like i'm drunk all the time. I still ahave break through pain. My counselor is concered and doesn't want me to drive. She said I looked terrible. I'm always tired, and have lost my desire to live. I won't off my self but I feel like I'm on my way out and life is over. How does anyone live like this it's like you either use a gun, take the meds and live like a zomibie this is a nitemare

Yes meds haven't worked for me too much. You just want it to end so badly I know. All of us I have noticed try and figure out what works best and how to deal with social interaction. Its hard when you constantly have something constantly in your mind. There are days were the pain isn't gone but slightly less and those days are awesome! I couldn't deal with the meds but after being off them realized they are somewhat helpful. I hope you feel better and understand the frustration you feel is perfectly normal (in our world). And klonopin was pretty good in addition to my carbamazepine. Good luck today!

I can understand where you are coming from, when I tried carbamazepine it was like someone had slowed down all the mental processors in my brain, people would ask me a question and it would take me ages to think hard and reply. Stick in there, people usually adjust to meds and the side effects get better, if they don't or the medication isn't working well enough then try another one ... you just have to give it weeks to a month to see which sucks :/

So sorry sluggo. Maybe it's time to see a neurosurgeon and consider the MVD. No reason to keep going on like this if the meds aren't working. Keep me posted. ((((((((HUGS))))))))

I was on a much lower dosage of Tegretol and slept pretty much alllll day!!! I take trileptal now and do verry well with it. I hope things improve for you soon Sluggo..

Sluggo, I remember that awful feeling. I empathize with you. But, as others here have said, give it a bit of time and you could acclimate and gain relief. How good would that be??

I'm on about the same meds as you. I take 1500 carb/day 900mg neurontin/day and 200mg dilantin/day. I had a radiofrequency rhizolysis procedure done on March 1st and now I am hoping to start decreasing my meds. That was the main reason I had the procedure done. I'm tired of being tired all the time and not remembering things too. have you thought about any other options besides medications? I've also had the gamma knife done in 2009 and 2 weeks later an MVD. This is my second radiofrequency procedure. Hope this helps