Living With Facial Pain

Capsaicin topical, oral, dietary or any other way


I don’t think the MJ authorization form I got (which takes lieu of a card) would work with that outlet; I am however affiliated with a dispensary that offers quite similar products.

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Enjoy.Little did I know that any of the legal weed outlets(which,by the
way, do not exist,so I have been told,everything is through mail)had
No papers needed for Alderville
Glad you are in remission


I work in a pharmacy (although I am not a pharmacist) and I feel I have to go on record with the following info: Painful exposures to capsaicin-containing peppers are among the most common plant-related exposures presented to poison centers. They cause burning or stinging pain to the skin and, if ingested in large amounts by adults or small amounts by children, can produce nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and burning diarrhea.

So, mixing your own creams and whatnot with capsaicin may not be the safest thing to be doing.

I’ve had TN2 for 10 years, I understand that you will do anything to stop the pain… still. Be careful. Recently I have found that the lidocaine patch 5% applied along the TN helps me enormously. The 5% is prescription strength and typically has to be appealed via your insurance (which is just a letter). The patch has recently become available at 4% as an OTC item in the USA. Salon Pas also makes a patch that includes a heat/warmth element that some may find soothing.


You’re right, it’s going to come through the mail. I could of course purchase some dried weed and prepare some butter or oil to make my own edibles, but they also sell chocolates or the like.

I hope you’ll go into remission too! The sooner te better.

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Hey guys… I have tn type 2 and was wondering how to apply the topical lidocaine/capsaicin mix… do you let it sit and then spit out… I’m new to all this… my neurologist just told me “I have TN just different” my pain is constant and involves my lower and upper teeth on the left side and goes to my nose under my left eye with a good amount of twitching on jaw and under eye… this shit sucks is an understatement


I have ATN as well and can’t say enough good things about the lidocaine patch. I would suggest cutting a strip and applying it under your left eye, see if that doesn’t stop the twitching. Another thing you could do is cut the patch in half and apply it the the left side of your face/cheek, covering as much as possible where you’re getting the twitching and burning.

You can get it OTC in Canadian and American drug stores under the name SalonPas. It’s a topical anesthetic on it’s own and might help reduce the symptoms in general. You can leave the patch on round the clock, basically. The package says 12 hours on/12 hours off but that’s if you’re wearing the max of 3 full patches at a time. When you’re just using a strip you can leave it on for a much longer period of time.



Arthur, you can also apply the lidocaine or capsaicin directly to the gums. I use a 4% gel, and my dentist is fine with that, but he did not want me putting any kind of patch on my gums (not that it would stick!). I usually apply it with a rubber pick in between the teeth. I’ve also used q-tips in the past, and wooden tooth picks. It takes a while to feel the effects so don’t over-do it.

Capsaicin makes me spit a bit at first. Not attractive so I try to hide that. I kind of got tired (burned out-haha) of capsaicin. But eating a spicy hot meal definitely gives me a bit of a break.

I also use the patches at times, especially at home in the evening. The effects are much more widespread and subtle. I use just a small 3/4 inch by 1 inch strip above the upper lip next to my nose. Now that I"m thinking of it, I’m going to put one on now.


ziggy – perfect way to describe the patch! “widespread and subtle” I completely agree with you! particularly the subtle part, for me it doesn’t really feel like there’s an immediate fix or anything like that but I haven’t had a spontaneous flare since I started using the patch. (fingers crossed)


I have not tried to patch, but plan to ask my neurologist about it during my visit tomorrow. I have tried lidocaine patches on my face and they help a little, but not much. Just barely take the edge off. Thanks for the info!