Can't seem to get a straight answer TN and bipolar


I'm new to the sight. I am so confused by the Dr. regarding this diagnosis. I have had face pain on both sides of my face on and off foe about ten years each episode lasting about a day. At the end of Dec. I was in my car on the way to Az. and the pain kicked in I figured it would last a day and I could go on with my trip well that didn't happen the pain hasn't stopped at all. I was able to get in to see my GP and she believed it to be TN but because I 'm with Kaiser for some reason she vouldn't each in stone. She gave me vicoden and said if that didn't work we could go to percocet. Well that didn't work saw another Dr. who is also a GP he said he also believed it to be TN but again couldn't write it in stone. One more Dr. visit same thing. I had an appointment with a neuro but it was way off in the future 2 1/2 months. Well I complained and they found an appointment for me. At my visit she said she wouldn't call it TN but wouldn't rule it out. Because I am bipolar I already take a lot of the meds that are perscribed for TN, she increased my triliptal to double what I was taking ( with my psychiatrist ok I insisted ) it made me so sick I couldn't handle it I was on it for a week. I emailed my neuro she gave me lyrica didn't work and made me feel drunk I couldn't do anything. I had an MRI on Tues but my neuro said she didn't have hope that it would show anything. Because it's bilateral and rare they donn't know what to do. She keeps treating me for TN but won't say that it is because " bilateral is so rare". It seems like either be crazy or don't have pain. I don't know what to do to get these Dr. to listen to me. I have severe pain it lasts all day and the only relief I have is when I sleep at night the pain is like thousands of needles trying to push out of my face including my eyes. Help please.

It sounds very frustrating, jiggy. I don't have any solutions for you, but I hope you find the right doctor soon and get some relief.

I have Bipolar Disorder and TN. I take Carbmazapine (Tegratol) 200 in the am, 600 at night because it makes me so sleepy, Gabapentin 300 in the am and at noon and 600 at night so I can sleep, and Lortab 10-500mg as needed up to 3 a day and Wellbutrin 150 mg. Now, my pain was managed just fine for a while but now no matter what they give me it is not. I did have to change my Bipolar medications. It was rough at first, but my Bipolar is totally managed. I have depression, but that is because I had to quit my job and I can't do anything at all because I am in pain all the time. It has nothing to do with my Bipolar. Try switching from Triliptal to Tegretol. Triliptal did nothing for my TN pain. Don't let them bully you into thinking its all in your head because you are Bipolar. I had a doctor that tried that on me. You can have both! The pain is real! Good luck, hun! I know its hard.

Bilateral TN is NOT as rare as doctors think ( they are only going by “old”. Statistics)
Really important to read and educate yourself as much as possible so that you can advocate for yourself.
Of course I’m not a doctor, important to find one familiar with TN…or willing to stay up to date and learn about TN.
Mris are used to eliminate other causes for your pain…
Not to diagnose TN.

Please read the link posted on the main page in the discussion " Everyone with TN should read this" it’s a great starting point and very informative!!
I hope you find relief soon!

Lyrica made me drunk-like also!

Go to our doctors tab and find a neuro who is top field in TN

who will work with your bipolar prescriber.

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