Can't enjoy food

Just a quick complaint - The TN has changed nature again, this time it is still along the V2 branch, but it is going into my hard palate. It is nearly impossible to eat because of the pain every time my tongue touches that spot in the roof of my mouth. What I can eat, I really can't enjoy because of the pain. As much as I love food, this is making it an annoyance to eat. Oh well, I guess it could be worse.

During this awful TN journey I had a similar experience. I though I was relegated to soft foods only and to be eaten with much care.
Those symptoms and others, like the inability to shave, did go away.
I an eat anything I want. Stay positive!

Dear Show Me,

Yes, I love to eat, too. And it is now a chore and not fun. Think Carnation Instant Breakfast and mashed potatoes. Sorry, just grouchy and losing weight.

Maybe lidocaine mouthwash RX
before meals?

I feel bad for you. I also love to eat and am presently suffering an active event. I cannot open my mouth very wide and if I touch my left upper lip the jolting pain begins and can last for 15 seconds to 15 minutes - I never know. So until this present event subsides I'm limited to cutting my food into small enough pieces that I can slide them into my mouth on the the right side of my face without opening my mouth too wide. Then I have to chew on the right side and do so carefully enough that I do not engage my left side lips or teeth. It really is a pain (no pun intended) to have to do this, especially with Thanksgiving next week. The only benefit is that I've been able to drop a few pounds, which I've wanted to do for the past couple of years. Good luck and I hope your pain leaves your palate soon so you can get back to normal eating.

Dinner yesterday took me about 45 minutes to get down (small bites, chopped up, mashed food) and then I paid for it dearly afterwards. Otherwise I drink my food. I am currently on ensure and have done those "Naked" drinks. Losing weight here too, which I do have extra of. Miserable.

I think with my increased dose of carbamazepine though its finally getting better today. Hopefully.

I feel your pain y’all I love food I work in the food and beverage industry and my last molar on the bottom left is sooooooo sore I chew on the right but I still keep hitting it every now and then and it hurts and the whole left side of my gums feels raw!!!