Can I Hold Your Hand Dorthy?

Living in Kansas has been wonderful overall. Coming from busy metro Tuson and Orange County California, Wichita is very laid back. Unfortunately the Plains are windy. Its either blowing from the north or blowing from the south.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny warm day. In the morning the wind was low (10 miles per hour). I got out in the flower garden and cleaned off the winter blanket of leaves and Fall daisy debris. Unfortunately after a few hours of heavy yard work, bending at the waist over and over, my TN kicked up hard. I spent the rest of the day medicated and resting.

Today there is a storm system rolling in from the south. High winds and a front. I can feel the pressure changing. Sadly, my life doesn't stop for weather or pain. I will wrap my head and go out like a Movie Star trying to hide. LOL

I may even wear my ruby slippers!

You paint a lovely picture of your life following that yellow-brick road, Bobbie. There are breezes here in the south of England which stir the golden daffodils. Birds are singing, blossom is bursting and the newborn lambs are playing in the fields around us. Nature is such balm to the spirit. I hope that the head-wrapping worked enough for you to enjoy being outside. X

Thank you Pat. It is a challenge. Some days better than others. This morning the winds are blowing 23 miles an hour sustained. I left my house at 6:30 to be at my office by 7. The TN doesn't stop but neither does life. One attitude I have maintained is I won't let TN beat me down.

I will go read your story. This site has been wonderful for support and networking.

What part of England?