Can anyone give advice on the best sleeping position post mvd

I am preparing for my mvd surgery hopefully in August I am just waiting on the actual date. To ensure a good night's sleep when I get home post operatively what is the best solution? Is it better to sleep in bed with lots of pillows or in a recliner chair? I have been reading all the great advice from fellow sufferers who have had the surgery and it has really helped me to prepare for this upcoming scary surgery.

Hi Angie…the first days after I returned home …where a bit uncomfortable… So I slept almost sitting up and with my head tilted to the other side of the incision… As the day went on, could lay down (again on the other side of the incision)…and for me sleep was my best friend and after 2 years still is…don’t worry everything will be alright…God is with you…xoxo! <3

Hi! For me, the first 2 days or so were heavy painkillers, sleeping was not an issue ! After that , just on the non incision side was fine in bed. I happen to have a memory foam and regular pillows, and memory foam was was more comfy than a traditional pillow. I stopped the hard painkillers after a couple days, felt worlds better. Advil was great at keeping the ache away, without the yukky painkiller fog / nausea.
I was surprised at how sore and limited my neck range of motion was. The incision went down past the scull. Into the top of my neck a little where there is muscle. All in all the recovery was easy, just take you time, and take it easy!!!

I’m in the hospital right now had one on Tuesday and they are going back in today. I have had to sleep on the opposite side of my incision and my neck is pretty sore. This will be my third MVD so it may make it a little more sensitive.

Thanks Delia Osuna for your super information, it's great getting first hand information from someone who have been through the surgery. I am one of those people who like to be prepared beforehand so I know what to expect. I am so delighted that I am a candidate for MVD but it is a bit daunting, but I believe we have to remain positive. I hope you maintain well. Did it take you long to come off your medication after your mvd? Takecare

Thanks Tiffanie for your information. All these wee bits of information from the people that know really do give me help to prepare myself and ease my worry. I just keep telling myself that the pain post operatively will be nothing like this TN pain although everyone talks about the real heaviness of their head afterwards. It will be so good to get rid of this pain and reduce or get off medication and get my life back. I have no energy now so I will have to take it as it comes. I just wish it was happening .sooner than August but I must be patient. How successful was your mvd? Takecare

Thanks Anna you are so kind to be thinking about me when you are feeling poorly and have yourself to think of. What a shame that you have required 3 mvds. I hope your recent surgery when we'll and you are not too sore. Just take it easy and allow your body to heal. My thoughts and best wishes for a successful and speedy recovery. I will be thinking about you. Keep me posted on how you are doing when you feel well. Take care


I slept well with super soft lite pillows and a slight wedge. My body was very fatigued for many weeks. Godspeed!

Thanks Edster for your advice. I think a wedge may be a good idea. The more suggestions I have the better it will be for me post operatively. Takecare

Hi , I found that I could lay in bed I had extra pillows and layer on the opposite side to my wound, and I slept very well, I didn’t feel to much pain as was taking pain killers and my wound was numb , hope this helps x

You will be weak and still full of Anastasia However, ask your doc I had tramadol - a pain killer that helped me. My MVD was very complicated and I was fatigued for weeks

Hello everyone just to let you know I have had my MVD last Wednesday in Belfast, the surgeon found 1 artery and 2 veins touching the trigeminal nerve. I had no problems post-operatively thankfully and I'm recovering slowly at home. As I was in no pain due to medication prior to operation I have to wait until I reduce my medication s to see if the surgery was successful, but I'm hopeful. All your advice on sleeping has been a great help so thank you all. Takecare


I liked to sleep on a flat pillow on my side it felt good on the MVD side