CA Central Valley neurolgist recommendation

I am totally stuck for a local dr. to follow my care. My dr. closed his practice due to the death of his wife. I have looked through this list and only see drs. doing the actual surgery needed for TN. does anyone have a recommendation for a local dr? Thanks~~

aNY CHANCE THE OLD DR COULD GIVE YOU A LEAD? damm caps lock. dont be afraid to ask any dr how many of these they have done...if it bugs them, you dont want them as your surgeon.

You will just have to fan out on google and see who sees patients of TN OR AFP … You might have to go further…put in neurologist and spell out your diagnosis…what city are you near?

hE DID MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS yup, dang caps, lol! He did make recommendations but when I called none were taking new patients because they had already taken so many of his. I am close to Modesto CA. I will try that.....THANK YOU!! (good caps! ;)

Ok it brought up a few I didn't already try, So hopefully I get a positive tomorrow when I start calling!

Where in the Central CA area are you looking? Fresno, Visalia or Bakersfield? I may have a suggestion, but only if it’s in a particular area.

Fresno is closest to me, but it's about an hour south. Not too far away and a good excuse for a nice lunch! The one I did go to, spoke English as a second language, would not allow me to explain anything when she asked and chose not to listen to me at all. She also wanted me to repeat many expensive tests without even looking at the recent ones that were the same as she was having me repeat. it wouldn't be her $5300 for an MRI with and without contrast! Then her dh was the bookkeeper, and he was in the front office playing games on the computer in PJ pants and slippers. I have been dealing with my GP and I know this is a temporary fix. I did call many in the Modesto area but because the neuro I saw was very good and well known, he had a large group of pt and many went to that area. I have not been able to find one accepting new pts. Thanks for the help. Blessings~~

I lived in Visalia for many years and when I was diagnosed with TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA I went to Dr William Work in Fresno. He was a very good pain doctor. I also went to the Interventional Spine and Pain Specialist doctor in Fresno. I don’t remember his name, just that he was likely Pakistani or Indian. Very compassionate and caring. If I remember the doctor’s name (my husband might remember…my memory is impaired from my meds I take!) I will come back and send it to you.