Burning Pain "Healing Pain" Post MVD

Hello! My daughter is 5 1/2 weeks post op from MVD. She woke up pain free, was off all her meds (1200mg Gabapentin and 2100mg Trileptal) within 5 days and felt great. She was 100% pain free for 5 weeks. Then she started getting some "millisecond" shocks. They didn't bother her, she just mentioned them. Then came the pain. It is in the same area of her TN pain, but instead of shocking it is burning. Last night when she laid down to go to bed, they got more frequent. She was up all night with these pains any where from 3-7 minutes apart. She had 5 compressions on her Trigeminal Nerve and 1 each on her 7th and 9th. I have the utmost confidence in our surgeon and he says this is indicative of healing pain as the nerve re-myelinates. It could be that the repair process has just gotten to a particularly damaged part of the nerve. Intellectually it all makes sense. She had TN for 4 years before MVD. My question: has anyone else experienced this repairative pain and if so, how long did it last? Thanks in advance!

Ten days after my seemingly successful MVD I was admitted to hospital in agony again. Fortunately 10 days on a Lignacaine infusion, pain patches and more drugs that were eventually weaned off did the trick

Cleo, did you have pruning pain that made you think it was like TN? Thank you!

Sorry, yes burning. Her pain is on the right side of her face which was her affected TN side. She had zero symptoms for 5 weeks post decompression and now (after 10 days of a more burning than shocking pain)it does seem as if it is starting to subsideā€¦

It took me over a year to stop getting zaps on my face - after MVD -- you got a long way to go - to see how everything settles!! : )