Living With Facial Pain

Burning nostril pain


The first time she had it done at Dr D’Amatos clinic in West Warwick, Rhode Island. The second time she had it done at his clinic in Naples FL. Dr D’Amato uses a scrambler therapy called Calmare.


I have had burning nostril pain and jaw pain for 3 years now. I have tried everything. Most doctors ENTs that I have seen (3 nasal endoscopes’ later) have told me nothing is wrong. . This all started after a dental capping. My parotid MRI says that there are swollen Lingual tonsils and need to be biopsied. Just saw a dermatologist who specializes in mouth cancers and problems said that there was a lump in my cheek that needed to be biopsied. I went back to a new ENT who said go for TMJ physical therapist
for treatment. I am so disgusted and confused. I will give it a month and if no relief I will go back to a salivary specialist…I pity everyone that lives with this mouth pain…


The burning nostril pain is so intense for me at times it’s frustrating. I had to grin when I saw someone else say the only true relief has been sleep. I saw an post on the old site about using a lidocaine spray up the nostril. I asked my neurologist about and of course that option wasn’t normally used here in the USA. However my neurologist worked with my pharmacist who made a nasal spray of 4 % lidocaine with saline. It helps a lot. I’ve been on all the normal meds but a recent diagnoses of Bipolar 2 took me off of antidepressants as they kick in the hypomanic symptom. So gabapentin, oxcarbazipine, a fentenol patch with dilaudid for the really bad times, which happens too much and Canibus use with at least 1:1 CBD to THC as well as the lidocaine spray are my survival medications. The lidocaine spray doesn’t help the aching along my cheek bone but it does numb my nasal pain. If I can keep the pain level at a 4 on the stupid pain scale I’m happy and can have a life. I can deal with the pain amping to up to a 6 and sometimes a 7 if I’m not too tired. 8 and above takes me out of my life. This has happened too much in the past. I like all of you want to have some kind of life besides TN2 and the continual burning nasal pain. I thank God that He’s patient with me and can take my prayers of frustration and anger at the stupid nerve that no longer functions right. I hope this helps someone. I know I’ve found much help and solace at this site. I wish I could go to the yearly conference but of course it’s no where near New Mexico, which at times feels like no mans land.


Hi, How did you get the canibus? Did you have to get a doctors note?


Hi Jean, I live in New Mexico, which allows folks a medical Marijuana license for specific ailments. Chronic pain is one of those listed here. Yes, a doctor must fill out a portion of the application for medical marijuana. It then goes to the state licensing office and they determine if you qualify. I’ve had the license for two years. It is well worth going through the process every year.