Burning Mouth Syndrome

Have any of you experienced burning mouth syndrome? I know what to expect from the trigeminal pain in my ear and eye and teeth, but just recently, I have experience something different. My mouth is very sore. I feel as if I have scalded my mouth. Eating and drinking have become an issue. When I researched this problem, I read where the pain can be caused by the trigeminal nerve. I am already taking medications for the trigeminal neuralgia. Any advice?



Hi Marymo, I also get this scalded sensation in my mouth.. I have been putting it down to medications.

I get electric shocks through my tongue and a feeling like there is broken glass in my mouth. No scalding though. I think tn manifests itself in many different ways. Hopefully your medication will resolve that pain for you.

The left back side of my tongue burns something awful. By far the part of my ATN complaints I would be most glad to be rid of. The rest I can deal with. The BMS is just awful - not just the pain, but the fear it instills in me.