Burning mouth pain

strong textDoes anyone have a good suggestion for burning mouth pain. I got started Clonazepam 0.5 ng bid along with Keppra.?it doesn’t seem to be helping.Any ideas! Thanks

I tried strong mints & that worked for me ,strange because usually I feel burning from mints any other time.

I had that for a while, and still get areas now and then. The things that helped the most for me was to completely eliminate painkillers–all OTC stuff and especially opioids. I also used a topical clonazepam swabbing (worked much better for me than oral clonazepam). I found diazepam worked better than clonazepam orally for mouth pain of any sort.

It got so bad at night, that I started taping my mouth shut. That actually helped quite a bit, as any air in my mouth really set it off. And I quit using any kind of toothpaste or mouthwash. I’m happy to say the situation is much better now, so I can get some sleep. Currently I am using topical lidocaine and capsaicin, but I’m not sure how well that works for burning pain (I’m using it for achey, itchy, tightness type of pain).

Thank you so much for responding. The burning pain is so intense. I’ll try the mints. Maybe it distracts the pain😀

Thanks for responding. I didn’t know Clonazepam comes in a gel. Did you have to go to a compounding pharmacy for it? I’ll have to ask my doctor about it. I’m glad your pain got better . I’m hoping that for myself because this burning pain is excruciating.

I have the exact same symptoms, it has been building up over the last month or so, it’s now to the point where I cannot move, speak or eat. I am under the impression that this is due to some mouth sores since any food recommended when mouth sores are present don’t hurt me (warm salted water, yogurt, cucumber,…). I have used Orajel when the pain is unbearable, we tried a medicated gel, but so far no effect. I have also order oxyfresh but it had no effect, perhaps even slightly negative). I am certainly interested in the answer. Otherwise, I take Trileptal and clearly it has no effect on it.
Could it be seasonal? this is my first 12 months through TN and it started around the same time last year. I have had allergies for a long time (25+ years).

I also found this article, it may be unrelated to, but interfering with, TN

Then if you look at the possible cause (not well understood) http://www.medsci.org/v10p1784.htm

if you look further, it’s seems that TMD seem to be a possible cause of BMS,

I certainly going to try some of the recommended treatments for TMD to see if that has an effect.

Here is a simple test you can do to see if clonazepam would be effective as a topical. Take one of your tablets (I’m assuming you have the standard .5 mg), and let it dissolve in your mouth. Swish it around as much as you can. You should be able to tell fairly soon if it will be effective, and that method may work well enough for you. I’ve concocted different topical formulations, but it would probably be best to have something made at a compounding pharmacy (would need a prescription). I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

Another common topical is liquid doxepin, I didn’t have much luck with it, but it wasn’t expensive, so worth a try.