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Broken tooth, no tooth pain but on the same side as my TN1. Could infection be why my TN flared? *PLEASE HELP*


I’m fairly new here and my TN1 (Right side, 3rd nerve) came out of remission a few months ago and my neurologist and I have been trying medications, having reactions (Carbatrol), and trying new meds as of now. (Neurontin, Baclofen). I just started the Neurontin about 4 days ago and I am still having shocks and occasional attacks. When I was on Carbatrol (before the reaction) and it seemed to have taken my pain away.

I have a broken tooth on the bottom right side of my mouth that has been infected before (but never triggered my TN pain) I have no toothache… however … I am wondering if this could be the cause of my TN flare up? My tooth doesn’t hurt, but I was told I needed a root canal months ago but was not able to have one because I didn’t have the money. Could I have an infection in the root without having any tooth pain? If I did… how could I get it taken care of if I am in the grasps of my TN flare up? I’m so lost and confused. I’m just looking for answers and I’m in so much pain it’s all I can think about. Anything helps. :frowning:

I am so sorry for all your pain.There are some pretty amazing people on this site.I think by morning someone will be able to help.
I am fairly new here-I have tn2 or whatever after having some minor dental procedures.
The tooth that burns has not been responding to dentists doing that cold test.I just don’t know if the tooth is dead or that is normal.Working with a specialist to sort that out before going to a neurosurgeon…
If you have an infection you need to get it fixed ASAP .Please make sure you need the root canal.Make sure you go to a dentist that you trust.
You might want to talk to your doctors about a compounded topical ointment.It might bring the pain down a bit.
I wish I had more answers.but really-if you have an infection then get it looked after…
I wish I could be of more help.

Yes, you could have an infection in a tooth and not have any pain, or have pain in an area that seems unrelated. I’m not sure if it would set off shocks, but it sounds very possible. If you were told you needed a root canal, I would definitely get that taken care of (by an endodontist if possible). They should be able to sedate the nerve enough that pain won’t be an issue for the procedure. Almost all dentists can arrange payments plans for you.

In my case, it was an abscess (tooth infection) that apparently started this whole mess in the first place. No doubt it was infected–very obvious in the X-ray, and it stunk horribly when he drilled into it. I ended up having to have it pulled (cracked root). I would definitely take care of any possible dental issues before pursuing more radical treatments like strong drugs or surgery!