Does anybody else struggle to breath when the pain is really bad? It usually only happens when I’m having a bad flareup and may only last 10 or 15 minutes.

No, but it sounds like a panic attack!! I have them too sometimes. I am able to recognize this and try to tell myself that I’ll live through it. Hope that helps.

Thanks Linda11! I wasn’t sure what was happening and it only happens during an intense flareup.

Ebandy17–Breathing through my nose is one of my triggers and also greatly intensifies my pain when I’m already in a flare-up. Odors and perfumes also make it worse when I’m in a flare-up. Mine are certainly not panic-related–there’s a branch of the trigeminal nerve that’s kinda-sorta behind the upper lip/nose; I assume that’s the one affected for me, and that’s why the pain seems to be centered behind my nose.

Breathing in through my nose is incredibly painful; I typically apply pressure to my nostril and breathe through my mouth as often as I can when I’m in pain. Doesn’t take the pain away, but helps with the intensity somewhat.

I’ve been in near-constant pain for over a month now with nothing helping, and I can definitely say breathing is part of the pain.

I hope you get some relief from yours.