Botox Migraine Protocol- ATN some relief- Finally

I have had ATN, primarily on my left side of my face, for more than 2 years. My pain was triggered by the use of reading glasses and contacts. The pain crosses the midline and is often bilateral L >R. Tingling, numbness on bridge of nose, tongue, gums, lips and forehead, maybe even my throat and L vocal cord.

I had eye surgery (X2) in June to replace my lens with a multifocal lens ( similar to cataract surgery). My pain decreased and changed since i can now see without corrected vision. Reading has now turned into a trigger and although my vision is 20/15, I am having flashes of light and other ocular symptoms.

Fast forward to new Pain Management doctor. I had been treated with Botox for migraines in the past with great success. Research led me to propose we try Botox before sign up for Ketamine infusions. I had the 31 injections for the Migraine protocol 2 weeks ago and have noticed a marked decrease in my overall pain. FYI- There was a huge difference in the amount of Botox and the injection sites between the two physicians I saw.

I am scheduled for another Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block this week as I have now realized that my new PM doctor uses a different protocol ( 1 hour with saturated cotton swabs in nose) than the one I had in the past.

I am passing on this info in the hopes that others may get some relief as well.

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Thanks for your info.It really sucks that there is no way of knowing whether a doctor is the right one to deal with the problem.I am glad you got Lucky

Great to hear you’ve found some relief. I think Botox has good potential for pain relief, it’s just a matter of figuring out how, where to apply it.