Botox as a treatment for TN

Has anyone gotten Botox along their Trigeminal nerve as a treatment to help stop the pain? My neurologist has recommended it and I have an upcoming appointment. I’m curious if anyone has had success with this or at least a reduction of pain?? Thanks in advance for your reply :heart:

I had Botox injection. but the pain travel to other site, so it has to work with oral medication together and cease the pain.

Thank you for letting me know. I’m sorry that was your experience. Hopefully that won’t happen to me, (fingers crossed). Have a blessed day!

Hey PaulaL,
Have I had Botox? Yes.
Along the trigeminal nerve? No. It was intra-muscular, in the neck, face and shoulders.

The theory I was given by one neurologist was that muscle tension in my neck was the cause of my ongoing migraines. The muscles were pulling on the base of my skull causing the migraine, so the theory was to stop the tension messages getting to the muscles and thus reduce the migraine.

“When you have a migraine, your body releases substances called neurotransmitters and molecules that are associated with pain. Botulinum toxin (Botox) interferes with the transmission of these substances, typically where the nerves and muscles meet. Researchers think that when the drug is injected into the muscles around the face, head and neck, it is taken up by the nerves and interferes with pain-associated neurotransmission.”

And I like the theory BUT,
When the source of the migraine is NOT muscle tension related, then what? I’ve required a few neurosurgeries over the years and my scalp (along with the associated nerves and vessels) have been cut and sewn/stapled back together multiple times. I’ve had a craniotomy, where they crack the skull open and have a shunt ( a plastic tube) permanently in place to drain fluid from within my brain. The surgeon’s view is ‘We operated. We fixed’, but some of the headaches/migraine/head pain is just WOW intense. This is far from fixed. So, yea, there could be a few causes for my ongoing pain other than muscle tension.

So, from my experience, if the source of the pain is muscle related then yes, botox may help. Botox was professed to me to be ‘The miracle cure’ for the headaches. This has not been the case. For me the use of Botox ‘may’ have given me a sexy, wrinkle free neck and shoulders (not that I can see it :wink: ) , but it wasn’t the miracle cure I was promised. It did however prove to the medicos that the cause of my ongoing issues was NOT tension related.

My advise… If it’s been a recommendation of a neurologist, give it a go. It could well be the miracle cure you’ve been hunting, but my recommendation, don’t be going in with any great expectations. If it works, that’s a bonus and if it doesn’t work it’s not such a big loss. I went in with the expectation of that “miracle cure” I was promised, then when it didn’t eventuate I fell into a hole of ‘Poor Me’ when the results didn’t eventuate…

There are many treatment options out there. For some people the common paracetamol works wonders, others may need some stronger meds/treatments and some treatments really need to be specific for that specific patient. Trying to find ‘your’ specific treatment option can be a huge battle and I wish you every hope/luck/prayer in your search.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Thank you for your input. More than half of my units were designated for migraines, the ones she used for my TN were actually just now. I kept. So now I guess I wait a few days to see how it turns out aw

It is no lie. Some people have found Botox to be very beneficial. It just didn’t work for me.
As with every and all treatments from Botox to supplementary vitamins, if you are on medications of any type, it all needs to be discussed with your treating dr’s. You and I are aren’t knowledgeable enough to know all of the interactions with some of these substances and depending on which company makes them, can change the names. It really can be awfully confusing. If your Dr is unsure you can also ask your pharmacist. It’s the pharmacist’s role to know about drugs and their adverse effects and interactions.

We recently had reports of a patient whose dr recommended he take Vitamin D. The patient also saw a dietitian, who again recommended Vitamin D, the patient REALLY took their recommendation on but ended up overdose himself on Vitamin D, which has it’s own nasty consequences. Botox is no different, you should investigate it all. I investigated it as initially I thought Botox was solely for beautification purposes, which would be a waste of time in my case, I’d be needing lots more than just Botox :wink: I weighed up the pro’s and con’s for me. My thoughts at the time was ‘Damn the cost, if it’s going to fix the headaches I’ll pay anything…’ So, I had a 9mth trial (Re-injected every3 months) but the improvement for me was not there.

Personally, I found the administration of the Botox VERY painful. Often when Botox is used for cosmetic a low dose numbing agent is used. When it used for medical no numbing is given and it stings with every shot. I was OK going in for treatment, but had a headache from hell when I left. I was lucky I had my driver (my wife) to get me home as there was no way I could have driven safely post treatment. Nasty pain.

Best of luck with the treatment and I do honestly hope you get some improvement. Even just with ‘some’ improvement it can allow you to add a few more strings to your repertoire of treatment options.

Merl from the Modsupport Team