Blurred vision with eye pain

Hi Everyone, just new to this site and new to a diagnosis of ATN. Wondering if anyone else suffers from blurred vision in one eye with the added constant pain. The blurred vision was actually my first symptom about a year and half ago, the pain started about three months later. Had all the eye tests imaginable and they stated there was not problem with it.

In a symptom of this type, it is especially needful that you get a timely and thorough check-out by means of high-resolution MRI. If you have pain and blurred vision, there is by definition, "a problem with it", but ATN is not the only potential source of that problem. Arterio-Veinous Malformation (AVM) or benign tumor near or on the optic nerve can also present this way.

Blurring vision can also be associated with migraine or cluster headache or the autonomous cephalgias -- headache syndromes such as SUNCT. Have all of those alternatives been positively eliminated as likelihoods? If not, then they need to be.

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Red Lawhern, Ph.D.

Resident Research Analyst, LWTN

Thank you Red for the quick reply. Yes, Sorry I should have said all the tests I have had done, an MRI, CAT Scan and evoked potential for MS. Nothing showing. I will look into the cluster headaches, etc as you have described. I am not really sure if the vision issue is a result of headaches though, the blurriness came on almost overnight and has never gone away (15 months ago), have had to get two new eye glass prescription to try to adjust for the blurriness.

hi mompres

I have suffered with this same or similar eye problem for the last 3 years. I have seen many eye doctors who all kept saying the same thing "nothing is wrong" or you just need eye drops because your eyes are dry. I knew they were wrong and someone had to know what was wrong! Finally I got sent to a Neurosurgeon to talk him about having gamma knife surgery for my TN especially since I have bilateral TN. When I went to him he sent me to a special specialist for my eyes. The new eye specialist I have started seeing is called a Neuro-Opthomology surgeon. His specialty is so important that only 5 people actually make it through the program and graduate in the WORLD each year. He is very hard to get in to see. MY neuro got me in to see him in less than a month. I went and spent 5 hours testing. He said he call in the next few weeks to give me my results. Instead we did NOT even get home before he called and told us he thinks he knows what all is wrong. I go back to him tomorrow for one more test to find out for sure. He also thinks the damage is permanent but he is hoping to stop anymore from happening.

Hi jrulz1,
Thank you very much for the reply. I would be very interested in hearing more, especially the results of your next testing. I am not sure that I would ever get into see a número-ophthalmology surgeon, had a hard enough time getting in to see a neurologist. My Dr currently has me on Lyrica but it doesn’t seem to help with the pain around my eye. Did you find any meds worked better than others? Thanks


the only meds I found that even half way worked or gave some relief was an opiate base called Nucynta and another med called trileptal. I think the trileptal is for seizures but I am not positive. I have tried so many meds over time they kinda run together on their use after awhile. But those two are the only help I got at all and it was not enough. I will be happy to let you know tonight what I find out about my test today.

You do really need to ask your doc about getting you a referral to a neuro-opthamology surgeon they may be able to help you before there is any more damage. Again I will let you know tonight what I find out.

Hi Mompres

Sorry I did not get back to you Wednesday night like I said. I had scratches on my corneas and could not look at the computer to type. The eye test was not that bad, they put the electrode like for an EEG on my face but only about 4 of them. Then they used 2 contact lens electrodes that were attached to electrodes and attached all of these to a little box that was hanging around my neck. After this they had me look in this little box and stare at a red light. The lights in the room were turned off then the little box had different flashing light patterns in it. They measure how your retina reacts to light. So the test is painless. I will get the test back next back next week and let you know the results. I would love to talk to you more on here and anyone else with these problems.

Hi jrulz1,
Glad to hear the test went ok and wasn’t painful. I hope the results are good as well.
Not sure about you but having just been to the nuerologist two weeks ago and him suggesting what my diagnosis, I find I am at a loss, not only for words because of the costant irritating pain (80%) of the time but in trying to explain to my family, friends and coworkers. I have found a few resources on this site that may help to explain it to them.
Glad this site is here, not feeling so isolated :slight_smile:

I just joined this group and am wondering what you all found out.

I have some version of ATN. I also have Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility (a genetic connective tissue syndrome) that probably contributes to most of my eye issues. About 4 years ago I realized reading was becoming a migraine trigger. This headache eventually evolved into TN then ATN. I was eventually diagnosed by a neuro ophthalmologist as having conversion insufficiency and a dual dominance issue (both of my eyes fought for dominance which was not good for my brain). I have tried many difference vision therapies since then, but the ATN pain makes therapy very difficult.

I am wondering if any of you have experienced something similar? I found an excellent vision PT program, but am still struggling with the ATN pain issues. I have tried virtually every medicine and a glycerol rhizotomy. I feel like I am running out of options. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!