BLT for topical treatment of TN

Stumbled upon this solution through my physical therapist.
Contact your Dr, mine is a Naturopath, and ask them to order a product called BLT or Benzocaine-20%/Lidocaine-10%/Tetracaine-10%/Topical (PERME8(R)/WO6(R)/ANHYDROUS) It’s not cheap but a little goes a long way. Your insurance probably will not pay for it.
This will need to be ordered from a formulary pharmacy as they make it up for you on site. I have found this to finally be the one thing that allows me to eat, drink, talk, smile, brush my teeth, etc. with comfort. It lasts a few hours for me so I use it generally before meals or if we are going out to eat or somewhere where I will be wanting to talk a bit in comfort. My trigger point is right at the outside lower point of my right nostril so any movement of my mouth causes pain. I am also on several oral meds for TN but have never been able to get complete relief from pain. This is now my go to with those wicked little “over the drugs” flair ups that have made my life miserable for so many years.
I apply a tiny little, less than pea size drop of this, first very gently, allow it to sit a few minutes until I feel numb, then rub it in for several minutes. It works folks, it actually works. I have not found the source of my pain yet but this gives me relief while I continue to search. I hope this will help ALL of you out there to receive at least a few hours a day of total relief of your pain.