Bloody nose

Does anyone else find the day of or day after allot of pain every time you blow your nose its all bloody?! I can always tell my face hurt yesterday if I’m blowing blood into all my kleenex the next day. I told my doctor but he couldn’t figure it out. Any thoughts anyone?

I have noticed this. My pain is on my left side and it's only my left nostril that shows blood. I thought I was blowing my nose too hard. My eye waters and nose runs when I have a high level of pain.

Well I have pain on both sides and have had TN and fibro all my life so my tn is sooo painful after growing in intensity over 20 yrs. But my nose almost never bleeds unless I have face pain the current day or day after. Good to find another person with that. When you have sinus pain have you tried those nasal salt rinses? They really help my sinus pain.

I haven't tried it yet. A friend told me about it. I'll make a note in my pain journal to ask the doc about the nose blood.

YES! YES! YES! I get an awful bloody nose when my ATn acts up. Only on my Tn side but yes I get a bloody nose and eye watering.. MY TN is caused my a virus that lives in the trigeminal nerve and when it gets active my nose bleeds and my eye on that side waters and hurts. Is there a chance that you may also get cold sores? I do and that is the virus that lives in the trigeminal nerve. That is the cause of a lot of people's ATN pain I am finding out. I have had it for 13 years. any questions just message me. laurie

No on the cold sores but its amazing to find others with the bloody nose too.