Bioptron Light Therapy anyone?

So a friend bought me this really expensive lamp when I first got my Neuralgia diagnosed in '06, on the very urgent and strong recommendation of my mom who heard about it through someone in her profession.

I haven’t used it much, so I don’t think I can add anything of worth to it just yet - but I am going to try using it twice a day for 2 beeps on the worst areas (right now, my earlobe/temple and lower lip/chin area). I’ll let you know if I see any difference or welcome any thoughts on the subject or advice for or against.

Here is hoping for some relief so I can wash my face and brush my teeth today! Starting to feel a bit gross!

I have been using it 2-3 times a day now for 2 beeps on each area that has been painful and I don’t want to say it is the lamp that is helping, but the electric-type pains subsided after 2 days instead of lasting for over a week. If it was painful before I used it, I definitely did feel that the area was less so afterward.
I’m going to keep up with it and see if there is anything else that changes when I use it. I have heard of people’s open wounds heal faster when using it, and scars fade faster, but then that also always depends on the surrounding circumstances.
Even if it is all in my head, if it is helping, I’m sticking with it! :slight_smile:

Can you tell me more about this lamp? What is it called? Thanks

It's called a Bioptron Light Therapy system...
If you google the name from the blog title you get 38600 hits to choose from but is the official site :)

I just sent you an email, but I had a few more questions. Thank so much for your earlier reply.

I see you initially started using using it about 4 years ago. Do you feel like the relief you got from it is worth the investment? I see at first you said it was taking away the electric type pains. I am interested to know if you improved even more with ongoing use?

Thanks so much