Bilateral TN type 1&2 but the occipital Neralgia is getting me down

Hi All

So I have been dealing with TN for many years and have had a MVD with some success.

I was having pulsed RFN on the face for TN for a few years and it worked a treat no pain

I have switched to having Palexia and am up to 150 night and 200 day. ( due to work)

That is ok for TN breakthrough pain but I can work and deal

The big issue is my occipital Neralgia is very bad.

As bad as its ever been

Nerve block booked in for the end of the month.

Any tips for getting through the next two weeks?

There is a kid with post op pain in the house and my partner is also going through hell so I’m giving support as much as I can instead of the other way around ( and that’s fine with me)

But sleeping is a big issue I have ice packs for the base of my skull to try and calm things down and heat packs on the muscles

Not much is working

Any help would be appreciated