Big problem with lamictal

Somehow I got off course on my lamictal. I was taking 200 in the morning and 100 at bedtime. I got off schedule and then tried to get back on, but it isn't working. I thought I was four hours behind, but it must be more because I'm having terrible head pain and my nerves are twitching. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 10 am, but the head pain and twitching are coming back. I don't have any way to get in touch with my doctor. I took 200 at 2 am this morning and my next dose isn't due until around 1 am. Does this sound familiar to anybody? Any advice would be appreciated.

I will answer my own question, just in case it might help somebody. I saw my neurologist the next day. He said that not taking my medication exactly on time wouldn't affect me. Lamictal says in your system for a couple days. He gave me a medication, Imitrex, that's for migraines. I told him I don't suffer from migraines, but he said he wanted me to try it. I have had two episodes of head pain since then (in just two days) and the medicine isn't working. He said my next option is to get a nerve block. I was hoping to try some more medications. I've been on gabapentin for over a year and I'm not even sure if that's still helping. He took me off tegretol because of the side effects. The lamictal was helping the ATF, but the head pain side effect is just too much. Another side effect of lamictal is that I have almost no appetite. A little weight loss wouldn't hurt, but I would gladly take a medicine that works and has no side effects. There are other medicines, but I think I have to get off the lamictal very slowly. I'm hoping to see him next week to decide what to do.