Living With Facial Pain

Big Hello to jopattyn from Belgium



I’m glad that you are looking forward to following us - and we are glad to welcome you to our wonderful community! I actually saw Belgium for the first time this summer - I got to visit my uncle living in Brussels and loved the country!

Anyways, I see that you have been trying a lot of different things to deal with your facial pain, and I do hope this leads to you managing your symptoms better. I think you came to a great place to hear and share your experiences with others to see what else might work, and I notice that you have been reading through a lot of our discussions. I suggest you also start joining the conversations and share how your different attempts have been going.

You can also use the Search Icon (top right corner of the green bar) to look for specific topics you have interest in!

So good luck on your journey towards improvement and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!