Better MVD Result when having surgery during a remission?

So far there's two of us that went into MVD surgery whilst our TN pain had subsided somewhat and seem to have come directly out of MVD surgery being ABSOLUTELY TN-PAIN- FREE except for the usual post-op headaches, (whether it's your first or second MVD). I would like to see if there are more of us, that might indicate it's better to put off having MVD surgery until our worst pain has subsided somewhat for the longer term success of the MVD. Anyone?

MVD surgery won’t be in my mind while I am on remission .

That is a very great idea!

I liken this to amputaion when the patient gets post op pantom pain from the leg (etc) when they are in great pain before had but if the treating doctor gives morphine (etc) injections for days before hand in the limb to numb it there is almost no chance of phantom pain.

So everything is settled when the opp takes place and therefore does not get hyper agrivated

I am looking down the barrel of my second soon.

I wonder what my chances of getting the surgeon to do the op when Im not in huge pain?

Thanks for the insight Maur!