Best UK TN specialist?

Hi all Uk members. Can anyone suggest a really good uk TN specialist? Thank you Helen x

Hi Helen. I don't know about a UK specialist. but I am living in Ireland, and the hope of finding anyone that knows anything about TN is rare, but I have found a facial pain consultant, and even though he has said he does not think I have TN He has said I have a kind of neuralgia, maybe its a type 2, I don't really know, but I have been to dentists and periodontist and all I got was teeth taken out that I need not have had out,. But this man has put me on Lyrica 3 75mg twice a day, which has helped somewhat, and this week when I had an appointment with him he prescribed a cream for my face, 4 times a day , with some face exercises and some heat on my face and this seems to help somewhat, I'll just have to wait and see, I have found this site so helpful I still don't know what exactly I have, but reading what some of the people have gone through with pain, I feel a bit of a fake writing here, so what I am saying is maybe a pain consultant might be better and easier available, in the U.K. Good luck anyway Helen, hope you get relief from somewhere.

Thank you lovely. Ive taken Lyricia for 3 years and was taking so much it began affecting my work life as the dosage went up. Im due to start on Tegretol soon. I have lidocaine patches and a mouth spray. At the moment Im having injections in my face as well. Helen

Hi Helen,

From what I've heard and through research, one of the best TN specialists in the UK is Dr Joanna Zakrzweska. She is at the eastman dental hospital in London. Unfortunately there is quite a long waiting time to see her, so I ended up seeing Dr Stefano Fidele privately and he was very knowledge and nice. He is also at the eastman dental hospital. A pain specialist once told me that the first line medication they give in the UK for TN is Lyrica so thats why your gp might have prescribed you that. There are so many other medications you can try. I hope you find some relief and return to teaching soon! hugs

Thank you tamzee. I’ve found a man in bristol called Nik patel. I’m going to ask my go to sendu for a second opinion. X