Best TN Books

Has anyone read this book? Any thoughts?

What TN books do you recommend?

This is not a book I would recommend, despite the endorsement that the TN Association has naively given it. Gerald Lemole is a cardiac surgeon, not a nutritionist. The book is introduced by Dr. Mehmet Oz, another cardiac surgeon and a figure of considerable controversy for the unproven treatments that he advocates on his popular television show. As far as I know from over 16 years of working in the medical literature of facial pain, there are no published controlled randomized trials which demonstrate the efficacy of a low-inflammation diet in controlling nerve pain of any kind. NONE. But that's the snake oil these two are pushing.

Better books: "Striking Back -- The Trigeminal Neuralgia Handbook", and "Insights -- Facts and Stories about Trigeminal Neuralgia" by Joanna Zakrzewska, MD.

Regards, Red