Living With Facial Pain


Hi after my latest MRI,that followed the nerves ,with nothing showing up-except possible mastoid inflammation and TMJ,I am wondering whether anyone has tried benadryl to relieve pain?
I am not sure how it would interact with all the other meds.
I put some topical benadryl on this morning and it seems to be helping-but I had already taken my morning meds.
So am wondering-anyone have experience with this?

Hi Ellen,
I have taken twio benadryl in the morning for years. I cant say that it has helped the pain but it has not reacted to to any of the meds I take. Everyone is different so it might help you. I hope it does.
Good luck,

Hi Scott
I did not know if anyone else had tried it so am very thankful that you
responded.I shall be brave tomorrow and take a pill in the morning.
The topical did stave off my pain from 7AM to 5PM-but that was in addition
to my morning meds.But I have never gone that far without needing my
afternoon meds.
I hope others that use benadryl respond also.Both to the drug and on here.
Thanks again