Bell's Palsy Caused By MVD? Desperate for Answers

Hello friends. This discussion has been going on somewhat from another question I had, but this morning I will ask my concern directly and hope for help.

Slightly over two weeks ago I went in to get MVD surgery for GN. I was told the NS could find no decompression, so the nerves were massaged and I was stapled back up. I seemed to be healing well until I went in for my two week check up. The day before, this past Monday, my right eye could no longer close completely and the right side of my mouth can not move at all. My pain increased dramatically. The neurologist informed me I have Bell's Palsy, gave me a week's worth of steroids, and said I can expect to be like this from 10 days to 6 months. He said it is often caused by a virus. I was told to go home and do dome research and they would check in with me in another two weeks.

Needless to say I have been searching for answers since then and I have been very depressed. I already have mild cerebral palsy, the last thing I need is more to struggle with. I earn extra money making calls and doing odd jobs- now my family can hardly understand me. I have been tested for herpes, the virus that can cause Bell's Palsy and I do not have it. Is it possible that I did not have Geniculate Neuralgia? Shouldn't there have been some decompression if I did? I'm terrified that the act of massaging the nerve has set off Bell's Palsy. Is this a possibility? Does anyone have more information than I do? Did anyone have a successful MVD without there being any decompression present? I'm caring for my littlest one who has an ear infection, and I'm in so much pain. Any ideas, theories, information would be vastly appreciated. As I understand it, if I do now have Bell's Palsy it's something that can now reoccur without warning? I'm just beginning research in bits and pieces of time. Please help. If I could I would curl up and weep. My family relies on me to be able to speak clearly and bring in extra income. We barely survive on my disability. I cannot consider the option of not being physically able to do minimal work each month to help.

Hi RuAnn, you have another whole set of questions that could take years of trial and error research. Is it possible to see another Neurosurgeon for a second opinion? To help shed some light?

You have valid and serious questions—

Pulling for you— Tiffanie

I'm sorry you are going through this. All I can tell you is I have a friend that had Bell's Palsy a few years ago. Hers was very severe. She was told that it had been caused by a mix of the stress she was going through at the time and her immune system being a little on the low side. If I remember correctly, her numbness and weakness of the face lasted a couple of months. But, like I said, she had a severe case of it.

I hope you find answers.

Hi Ruann, I am so sorry, to hear you are going through all of this. I had Bells Palsy about 18 years ago. Like TN, which I've only had for 8 years, it came out of nowhere. I swore it was from the air conditioner in my new car hitting me in the face but the dr. said, no, it came from a virus. Around the same time, I also had pneumonia and the shingles. My immune system must have really been worn down. After 4 months, the Bells went away. I had a mild case as you really couldn't tell by looking at me, and it has never come back. If I remember correctly, Bells Palsy is on the 7th nerve and TN is on the 5th nerve but they are both close together. Hopefully, with rest and maybe some "zanax" you can relax and it will go away soon so you can do your work. Stop worrying, there isn't anything you cand do about it. Sorry you had to go through that surgery for nothing but like tiffanie said, try to get a 2nd opinion. You need your questions answered!!!

I am so sorry you are having these problems. After MVD, I had cold sores all over my lips and Bell’s palsy on the left. I had it for a while, maybe six weeks. I still have the left dry eye and numbness on the left, operative side. I feel like a stroke patient but am told I do not have the outward appearance. When I look in the mirror and speak, I can see that the left side of my mouth is different than the right. I have to keep drops in the left eye to keep it lubricated. Although I did not think the Bell’s palsy would go away, it did. I hope yours does too. Stress really makes everything worse. I hope and pray you get better.

Hi RuAnn-- you are in my thoughts! I hope that you are feeling better, and are getting some answers.

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Thanks to everyone for your stories and thoughts. My neurologist has no idea why the Bell's Palsy would occur so long, (2 weeks), after surgery, so I am going to get a second opinion soon. What's frustrating is that all my specialists prescribe pain meds, which I do still need as I'm in a lot of pain between this, the surgery recovery and cerebral palsy, but I want answers, and there don't seem to be any. I have hidden in my house since this began because when I try to speak to people, even my family, they often cannot understand what I'm trying to say. I've had two nurses, one joking and one serious say without offense to leave it to me to be unique. Thanks, ladies. I'll take unique on my terms, hence all the tattoos. I am embarrassed at how I look and feel. I recognize the danger of serious depression always around the corner. I try not to sleep all day and to be engaged with my family when I can. It's too easy to slip into days of hopelessness. I can only hope I am somewhat recovered by my littlest one's bday in 2 weeks. My sweet husband set me up a recovery bedroom while I was in the hospital, but now I feel lonely and so alone. I just talked to the nurse at neurology who reiterated they have no answers. I'm trying B12 and turmeric, having researched that they both help with nerve inflammation. The steroids prescribed last week did not seem to do much. Thanks to you all who write and share. This is a bad time for me, and being a homebody I don't talk to others much. I do have behavioral health- I have since I was 18- but at the moment it doesn't seem to be terrible helpful. I thought brain surgery would be the major hurdle, not surgery then a disfigured face. I can't even tell if the surgery was successful until the Bell's is gone as the doctors don't want to change any meds until it's gone. This sucks.

Huge ((((( hugs ))))) RueAnn, have faith and hope that this too shall pass.
I hope you get answers soon and that the Bells features disappear and resolve soon.
Thinking of you, Mimi xx

I replied earlier but just want you to know I am thinking of you.