Bellalarke update

Hello everyone! This is Bella’s daughter.

As you can imagine we have had a very big day. I’ve watched my mother suffer with Trigeminal neuralgia for years now and this day was both long hoped for and feared. When it finally happened it felt completely unexpected!

The word ‘happy-scared’ has been common in our daily chats.

But, the good news! She’s come through very well. My sister and I spent a while with her in the ICU and she managed to crack a couple jokes, which I take as a good sign!

Her doctor said things went well. I shall leave the details for her to explain.

I just want to say a thank you to everyone here. She speaks of you often, and your discussions have been a source of comfort and inspiration for her.

So now we wait. I have a good feeling.

All the best,
Bella’s daughter

Fantastic news. Wishing her a speedy recovery!

So happy everything went well!! Tell her she is in my thoughts and prayers, hopefully this the the beginning of a new chapter in her life!!

Wonderful. Warm healing thoughts sent her way. Hugs.

Thank you so much for your update!
I’ve been thinking of her all day.
I have a good feeling too!
Pass on some gentle hugs for your dear Mom, positive thoughts!

Fantastic news!! She’s in my prayers for a smooth recovery!!

Thank you for letting us know. Sending healing prayers and gentle hugs for a speedy recovery and no pain!

Wonderful for you to give us news! Thanks !

Sending positive thoughts her way! Hoping for a speedy recovery!

So here I am more than 24 hours post op and absolutely no nausea! What a blessing. The surgery was 4hours 20minutes. Lots of vessels wrapped around both the seventh and fifth nerves, so both decompressed. I was so relieved to know that for sure. And that I didn’t have the surgery for nothing. My incision goes from top of ear to below the ear. Surgeon said it might take several days for me to feel relief, or even a week or so but he is optimistic. M still in ICU for the time being but should be able to go home in a few days. Yea!

So happy happy happy for you. Had a good feeling about this!

Take Care


YeY Bellalarke!! Now put away your electronic devices and focus on healing!! ( although its so good to hear from you!) ; )
Sending positive healing vibes your way my friend, (( hugs )) Mimi xx

Stop typing and rest you silly woman! Though happy to hear from you !


Mimi is right ;) Great to hear from you but focus on healing. Lot's of prayers and hugs with speedy recovery sent your way~~

I did talk to surgeon late yesterday. So here is less garbled news: This is my third day and I’m pretty good. No nausea or puking, which is really helpful. Both fifth and seventh cranial nerves were decompressed and surgeon has good feeling about them. There was a,third issue with the glossopharyngeal nerve, number 9 but the artery was just following it long and no obvious node pushing in so he left that for now. We’re still not sure if scalp issues are occipital neuralgia or that’s called “convergence” that is, C2-3 nerves getting turned on my all that activity. He thinks in about six weeks we should know where I stand and pain will have subsided quite a bit. It could be a long progress as the nerves settle down from being handled. Going home tomorrow. Good prognosis. Whopping incision still pretty tight and painful and looking forward to shower this morning. I did get about six hours sleep face down on side in pillows, it worked.
Okay, going to rest now so K C can only squak a bit!

Awesome news!! So happy to hear you are doing so good!

Wow Bellalarke, sounds as though lots was going on in there! I hope as things settle down you notice a considerable difference in pain levels…remember it could take time…in the meantime take good care of you! Glad you managed to get some sleep!
Mimi xx

Give yourself the gift of healing, we are all so thrilled to hear from you, but REST NOW! Or else, LOL x

Good to hear from you Bellalarke! I am glad everything went well! I wish you all the best!

Yeah!! Glad to hear every thing went well! :) You are an inspiration!