Balloon compression-

I had balloon compression surgery 2 days ago and have severe dry eye/ anyone have this and how long?

I think that’s a side effect of general anesthetic. It should go away in the next few weeks.

I had Balloon compression surgery August 4, 2017. I have all kinds of side effects from the surgery, the worst is my eye. My face, cheek, lips, tongue, forehead, and scalp feel like they are burning all of the time, similar to the sensation that you would get if you held something frozen too long. My eye burns, it feels like it has grit in it, especially the corner nearest my nose plus it is too painful to even wear my glasses. The more I blink, the worse it gets. I have found nothing that helps. I have tried every eye drop on the market and use a lid wash. Some days are better than others and I have no idea why. I don’t believe that I will ever get better. I think that as a result of the surgery I have a permanent condition that I will somehow have to learn to live with. I am worse than I was before the surgery. It saddens me to have to tell you my experience. I hope that you have a better recovery.

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I spoke w the nurse and she said the numbness is common and should go away within a few months. She has not heard of the eye dryness. She is going to call me back. I went to eye doc- he said there were some scratches and put a contact in it for protection and said to use Genteal tears and Sustane tears. Feels a little better today but still using drops every hour or so.