Bad Burning facial post surgery

I have been experiencing alot of bad Burning facial pain post styloidectomy surgery (external left side). The pain was there before but no where as bad. I keep hearing that this is because of the surgery but it’s very difficult to deal with.

Anyone experience such bad bilateral facial and ear pain and what do you do?
What where you diagnosed to have?

Hi Anthony! I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this. I’ll let the people experienced with this problem specifically help you out. What I did want to let you know that the Eagle’s syndrome group might have some good feedback for you on this specific concern. Find them here. This is another Ben’s Friends site, and super active. You may well benefit from both groups. You can either just check out the other group, or you can request membership there as well. Just mention that I sent you there.

Sharon from Mod Support

Im already on living with eagles and just had the styloidectomy last week. Im thinking that maybe the glosso nerve was put under stress because the burning sensation was excruciating

I think I understand how you are feeling. 5 years ago I woke up after my second sinus surgery with burning pain on the left side. I was told to wait a few weeks to see if the pain went away. I was put on a course of steroids thinking that would help, and it didn’t. It was recommended that I see a neurologist since the pain began moving around both sides of my face.I was diagnosed with atypical facial pain.

Wow I’m sorry to hear that but it seems like that’s what I have. Where do yoy have your pain extacyl in your head? And what medication do you take? I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I’ve thought of maybe a nerve block. Did yoy have sinus surgery on both sides?

After the second sinus surgery, the first neurologist I saw put me on gabapentin. I kept going up on it, and I was still breaking through with pain. I also tried acupuncture which did nothing for me. I decided to see a new neurologist and he put me on pregabalin, and it helps a lot. I do get pain in my left eye as well from time to time, and when that flares I go on steroid drops.

I did have sinus surgery on both sides. The first surgery didn’t work on the right side, so that’s when I had the second surgery on the left side,