Does this medicine help with pain ? People who’s on
It does it make you sleepy ?

Hi Donna,

I was hoping Baclofen would help me with pain and jaw tension/clenching. Unfortunately it didn't help me. We tried clonazepam next, and it worked much better. I've never used it during the day, but it does cause sleepiness. Not enough to actually put me to sleep, just calms my nerves and relaxes my muscles. I might not have given Baclofen a good go though; my dose was low and my doc suggested clonazepam as a better med for me. I stopped using it pretty quickly. Have you had success with it or haven't tried it yet?

Hi Donna…I take baclofen(10mg in morning, 10mg in afternoon, and 20mg at night). The 10mg doesn’t make me sleepy, but, the 20mg does. The baclofen helps me tremendously. My face feels so tight and my muscles spasm if I forget to take it. I know pretty quick that I missed a dose. I take it along with trileptal, amytripyline, and cymbalta. I don’t think it would be much help by itself.

Colleen I just started it tonight so we’ll see… God bless

Lisa… I just started the bacofen I also take trileptal I hope it works… Have you had your sodium checked yet on the trileptal ? I have and it was really low so I have to take a sodium tablet too… You want to
Make sure you have your blood …work… God bless

It didn't make me sleepy but it didn't seem to help much, either.